Friday, May 29, 2015

Radiohead A Horus Connection?

Back in 2013 I caught this image in the Sky.  I comprehended the message as having to do with the Golden Calf, and the Golden calf to me represents the banking system, particularly the way in which money is created from nothing then loaned out at interest, and enslaves all mankind.   I took it upon myself to herald a warning to that system which deprives so many.  I read all that into a few images but the cows head which appears ghostly and dying was something I at the time related to as being banking system related. Kabearla 13 what I wrote in the photo was Ka which is Sun, bear La which is moon Sun bearing moon 13 the year. The Sun was directly behind that cloud formation at the moment in which I took this digital photograph.  Now I understand it as the symbols of Hathor & Man or Alpha & Omega. I will have to delve into that at some other time, it's not that important.

That was in August 2013, and this is now May 2015,
I recently had another wave of cosmic fire directed my way that elucidated much more, and it seared a degree of understanding about the greater universal reality which bears upon Earth as an ocean with no frontier. This was the delivery set into motion. By The Almighty No Less.  Since He is the Father of all, and since the method of transport is through the aether, it is now that the message which is clearing up, in my consciousness, with a degree of certainty which I can't either ignore nor leave tangled.

During the last Month I've gone through any number of dreams visions and conversations in those dreams with various beings, and While I know Nijinsky was God in a Human body at the time He was incarnate on Earth.  There was an instinct to listen to Radiohead's,   amnesiac CD Pyramid Song is one of those tunes I like, Most of their Music I listen to without skipping song, while I was playing the disc. I looked through the booklet in the cover, trying to read lyrics instead found a strange synchronicity in the Art, there was a cow, and a lower torso of a Man, both of them appeared to be half emerged in what I understood in the spontaneity of the moment as a black hole.Both the Cow and the Man have a copyright symbol on them, which to Me does not make sense.  Maybe I'm over reading into a silly image, having absolutely no connection whatsoever with what I'm actually experiencing.  

Anyway The lyrics of Paranoid Android, especially that line about unborn Chickens was definitely completely in synchronicity with the Lyrics of the Man Comes around by Johnny Cash. That was made clear to me When Johnny Cash Himself dropped into the Sun.This image below is exactly how he came into the Sun captured by NASA, but this being a Key to unlocking the 7th gate, needed to be turned 71 degrees counter clockwise.

The image below is turned 71 degrees counter clockwise, this is how it appears, and it's Thoth Himself. I've added just two curved lines to define his Bird beak.  You can see here his headdress is a number seven and there is a one behind it which is another individual. My instincts tell me that's Horus.

Here is a 22nd Dynasty Painting depicting Thoth, and myself. You can also find the Omega symbol between the eyes of Horus.  Horus brings us back to the Subject of Radiohead and Thom Yorke. While I initially thought he was the Man, I realized He's not in the driver's seat in the Karma Police video. My only speculation here is that he May be Horus incarnated? That is just a guess. I will resolve it here as irrelevant.  That puts us on a metaphysical journey of identifying the Man or the Almighty. 
Being; that consciousness is as it is, even Universal beings have limitations in that we can only be in one place at one time, and when we incarnate into a Human Body death is our only insurance policy of reawakening in our destined place in the Universe.

The Man was Nijinsky 3/12/1889 -4/8/1950 then reincarnated as Layne Staley in on 8/22/1967 lived 34 years and died 4/?/2002  He's the One The Man, The Almighty, and Christ reincarnated. There is no way of knowing the actual day that he died because he was by himself when death occurred, but as you see here Death is just a passing over for Us. That is him in the Sun.4/8—8/22=4 48—84 the 8 symbolizes eternity ∞ and infinity. He may have even passed away on 4/8/2002, which would be the anniversary of death in both incarnations.  God is the only key to infinity, and being Christ when he incarnated as Layne Staley, he was also fulfilling the biblical prophecy in the book of revelation which contains 22 chapters.  The picture of his Head that was recorded by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory. on Christmas Day 2014 is something I've shared here. Christmas is a Holiday celebrating the birth of Christ, and as of now officially the rebirth of Christ in the Sun.  He is not coming around this way in the solar system to maintain the status quo of this world.  He is the status quo as far as Universal creation is concerned.  In the Solar Dynamics image below dangling from dark triangle which is a black hole, (also the symbol which represents the feminine), is an image representing Jupiter and Saturn embracing, those two Planets are satellites of Alpha & Omega. Saturn is Omega's. Jupiter is Alpha's.
 That's him in the Sun, in both images, The Ancient of Day, I'm actually his Twin. 

He's one of the Flowers on the Wall, and I'm the other, I was Walt Disney the first time I incarnated. 

He burned this message into the Sun, within the image even identifying me to myself this past October on the Day of my Birthday, so that I would know, there is a degree of censorship going on with the things I've been exposing.
He and I are the Ancient of Days, unmoved movers in that regard. To censor us is to know when I come into my full powers I will punish. I'm an evil bitch, to evil Mother fuckers, and killing is an art form for Me. When show time really rolls around, I do before a Universal audience, Nijinsky knew my drill. 'Without energy there is no life. Life is difficult, because men do not know the importance of it.  Life is short.  I do not write to amuse myself, but to make men understand life and death.  I love life. I love death. Death can be lovely when it is God's wish, dreadful when it is without God." Vaslav Nijinsky.  That all comes down to how exactly you are birthed for eternal life, the metamorphosis is one in which you drop from the Sky, able to fly at that point. This requires a reconfiguration of your individual DNA, and as your bodies are grown in those type of egg looking clouds, (because everything grows in an egg), as soon as your consciousness is ready to be transferred into a new body a bubble of carbon monoxide tracts you according to your DNA match, it will press against your faces and snuff out your lives; your consciousness begins moving through the atmosphere into the new body and is caught with lightening which drives it in and fuses it to your new bodies. Once complete you tear out of a cocoon in the sky, and at that point flight itself is completely natural..  To read more about DNA I cover some at the bottom of this blog.  The people that didn't become cosmic Human Beings in the end, those are the ones I punish.  Since I mentioned full powers earlier, at that point those emerge even a Human being who is not destined to become Universal is something I can grow in an egg on the ground, I can grow them as Adult with full memories of their lives, including the wrong doing.  One thing you must know is that I'm a fire breathing reptilian, Humans are created by a reptilian species that created for itself a Human form billions of years ago, and lives primarily in a human physicality, the origins of the Human species, and any mammal for that matter goes all the way back to a reptilian root.You're actually hybrids. Although, I'm as nurturing as any Mother would be, I can't nurture each one individually, and I birth you by the tens of thousands in the sky when that time comes around. Even the Stars across the heavens are just eggs in nest floating in the vacuum of space.

He has been actually moving Heaven & Earth to grab my attention, and grab my attention he has done.
That's his spirit in the clouds, at far as my Magic goes it's him who is responding to it on the other side of the veil. What people should understand too is that I'm his only Child, and I was a child a long time before I gave birth, we are old the oldest beings in the entire Universe.  I maybe sitting on an Angry Chair, but I do it with a smirk knowing most of that anger ain't mine.

Anyway at this point I've resolved the unknown that I was destined to eventually know, when I first got hit by a wave of energy back in 2010 that changed completely the way in which I perceive reality. In that moment all creation including the Sun; in fact it was initiated from the direction of the Sun awakened before Me, and what I thought was just a dead universe with life only on Earth as far as we could tell, got tossed to the side in that moment.  And what was seeking Me then was my enduring and eternal flame and Soulmate.  I couldn't be happier in this moment writing this, knowing my journey on Earth will end someday back in the Arms of the Almighty.  There is no bitterness to feel no loss to experience, not to mention the fact he owns this world and everything on it to boot.  He is that same being both in the cloud, and in the Sun.

Every religion leads that place. Any belief in deity or science alik leads to the same door, the Sun.  Horus is just a representation, and would be Mother God's first born child, and the third most Ancient of Days in the Universe.
The Sun is the Gate to everything else in the Cosmos. 

Human DNA of the Earth was made for the Earth, the extensions which adapt a Human being for interstellar life, cannot be bought.  DNA adapts to the environment with those interstellar extensions including within a star.. I've shared a lot on the Subject spread across the internet, however I don't feel the need to delve anymore into that Subject. Cosmic DNA and Earth based DNA are completely different. DNA is synthesized daily at the cellular level from food, as a result of individuated consciousness connected to a 6th dimension magnetosphere and our 3rd dimensional environment, and physicality; our bodies here on Earth are grounded to the environment with an electrical central nervous systems.   The abolishing of, suffering, poverty, and to maximize hope, happiness, and Peace, are the only steps that can actually improve the way in which Human Life manifest on the Planet.  Even our immune systems result from the daily synthesis of DNA in our bodies. The Planet Earth institutes a higher quality of life when people as a whole are capable of co-existing peacefully. The biggest hurdles are the banking institutions along with the monopoly of resources they place into the control of few individuals which create the poverty, it's like they are cutting off there toes to spite their feet. Those of us who already have an interstellar address don't die, when we depart from the Earth, we awaken from a dream, our lives here on Earth are just dreams.   ©2015 Omega Fee