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Horus-Scope Of Ages Supplemental Newsletter Issue #2 Landed Property

"A moody child and wildly wise
Pursued the game with joyful eyes,
Which chose, like meteors, their way,
And rived the dark with private ray:
They overleapt the horizon's edge,
Searched with Apollo's privilege;
Through man, and woman, and sea, and star,
Saw the dance of nature forward far;
Through worlds, and races, and terms, and times,
Saw musical order, and pairing rhymes."  Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Anyone who contemplates a final cause of Human Life on  Earth or anywhere for that matter; would certainly know it's not economic fortunes; if it were those with the biggest fortunes past and present would still be living on this here Earth.  Final causes aside I will not speculate past reason and reason points towards Happiness as a never ending cause though gloom for now is forecast on its merits.

A cautionary side note; some information was disclosed to me about an incident that happened to me
which was not of the kind of news that I wanted to know, but needed to know. It also highlights the fact Earth via a cosmic certainly is moving in a certain direction, and the way I see it is; it must be understood it's unstoppable, it's probably better to take a licking and keep on ticking as far as pride is concerned, than to be crushed by the waves of mutation which are parcel to cosmic certainty.

This essay is more about contemplating economic reform policies, and I see the instituting of a Global Economic basic income as the only route by which objective happiness might be instrumented  on a scale towards Universals.  I can't possibly consider my thoughts on basic income to be forms of "Marxism" it is not redistribution of wealth in that sense, and anyone that seeks changes through Robinhood policies of reform is not a realist, but more so an agitator, and agitators in economic reform race back in history to the protestations of Christ in the Temples. And sure that could be a fable, but this is no fable; facts are the primary foundation by which I reason,  The Basic income of which I'm attempting to communicate is more in line with "Common Sense" it is the creation of capital at the rate of life.  A debt free currency paid to all that is tiered, it would be a program that would not restrict the dreams of those that do seek wealth in a similar fashion to now; they would still be subject to the market place of products, services and sometimes ideas. Government is still required as a regulatory power for markets, and as the determining power of what constitutes a reasonable basic income, not to mention Government must serve as the distributor and servicer of such a program.
Applying any intellect to the desire for economic reform; is not easy for the fact the entire structure of society now is founded on economics, politics of the day; especially in America are evidence of that.  When it comes to Nature any claims that are made outside a foundation of economics are dismissed at heretical or criminalized. The present struggle by the Sioux with the Federal Government over the Dakota oil pipeline is exactly that kind of clash perhaps not between civilization but between different ways of life, The Story has been covered by Democracy Now.
In that situation the people that are trying to install the pipeline are outsiders; they don't live on those Native American lands; they are there for economic reasons. And as far as environmental impact goes; those with the economic purse aren't going to be around to experience degradation to Nature in the surrounding area.

Anyway that there is just one example of how economics is the foundation of the modern world, and to that reality exist two polarities the majority of people can speak both positively and negatively about their experience with money. I want to limit this essay to the conditions that Nature would underwrite an economic system, and I'll keep it to a certain number of points.

1. Nature is not Robin hood, Nature is not interested in taking from one group and distributing it to another group whether it be personal property or monetary wealth.
For a Universal basic income to work old currencies would have to be traded in for the new currencies more effectively a single currency or multiple currencies have a universal value, and these are issues best left to economist and governments to determine. Some of the complications that arise for instance say you have a Million dollars that you avoided paying taxes on; whether the government will exchange that at a 100% of its value in the new currency or pay you 70 cents or whatever on the dollar, that's up to the government.  The other scenario is fortunes made on the black market there is an even more complicated issue, but whether the Government grants those individuals any kind of grace; which I do feel they should, under certain circumstances. And whatever the exchange value between their present fortune and whatever it translates to in a new system; it must be an agreeable exchange rate, Nature is not the Government,

2. Nature is the organism which organizes and sustains life across the Universe, but life has to have its freedoms, and Human life on Earth has universal potentials. As a representative of Nature I am not here to govern, but rather to prescribe policies and share facts in accordance with how to expand the Freedoms to the Human degree of Life on Earth into that of Universals.  Transitioning Human Life of a Planetary degree to a Universal branch of the same species does mean biological changes to the species, and Earth is capable of hosting those changes; however those biological changes will be shared in another blog.

I am now convinced that the simplest solution to poverty is to abolish it directly by a new widely discussed measure; the guaranteed income." Martin Luther King Jr.

3. The purpose of a Basic Income or Guaranteed Income is not to divide classes but to reconcile the classes under the same tent or foundation which has served Humanity, both as a medium of exchange but also as a psychological tenet of personal and social security, those aspects cannot be striped away from any classes (here being frank they really exist for any class til they exist for every class), draconian measures are to be avoided in a transition into such a system; because what we are doing is adapting ourselves as a species for an eminent cycle of evolution that expands and not diminishes the horizon of Humanity on this Planet.  Amnesty which is a pardon or forgiveness on the part of formal government, should be administered both to the white collar & petty criminal, and we have to let things go like whatever racket so and so made during the last so called real-estate bubble, or the petty drug offences which are for the most part psychological escapes or acts of self abuses; those are better dealt with by education.  The guaranteed income is also a way to heal historic wounds which have festered across the different values of society or civilization as a whole.

4. The solution to the arguments that a Universal Basic Income would create a lazy populace or that they are getting something for nothing is invalid; for life itself which comes from Nature and not economics is not nothing it's life.  Capital produced and paid at the rate of life is a system which should encourage community, and it should be tiered so at the base of the social benefit it still encourages community, it's easy to to convert and even expand the prisons and jails into boarding houses, ad this can extend to commercial real estate, there's a glut of commercial real estate across the country that might be convertible to boarding houses.  A basic/guaranteed income is going to make way for a civilization with far less crime, because the majority of the problems of civilization arose from economics the solutions are economic,

 There are fundamental differences between Genders and psychological plights for Women & Men,
these are exploited rather than solved by having a foundation of economics.  There is no economic tent only a foundation; no claims can be made to any part of heaven by the economic foundation as it exist currently on Earth.  Nature has not underwritten the current economic platform by which the world is governed. Nature under the current economic models of the World in any Nation cannot secure the future of any Human Being on the Planet. If Universals step in all the way, I don't know what will happen to the economic systems.  Life in Universal civilization does not require it, Nature did not put a cost to living on living and that's where the fundamental problem is.  This topic is to be continued in my next newsletter.


Monday, October 31, 2016

Horus-Scope Of Ages Supplemental Newsletter Issue #1

"Goethe said well, "nobody should be rich but those who understand it." Some men are born to own & can animate all their possessions."—Emerson

This next blog is to disclose the fact that Humanity has roots across the Universe, I also want to write about the phenomenon of Coronal Holes in the Sun.  The phenomenon of coronal holes is caused by magnets which move across space. The analogy I can use for some of the objects which are visible in the Star is that of a phoenix which rises from it's ashes, Some emerge from Nebulas, others from Novas & Super Novas.  I've shared the example of the Carina Nebula, some of Us are part of that structure, and the magnet is organized with our consciousnesses, some of that was graphed to the Earth via the Sun, the picture of the cloud is based on the ear of the character from the Nebula.  It's not the only interstellar magnetic structure moving through this solar system and Earth.

   Whenever changes to a Planet are scheduled on a cosmic level the first changes are arranged on the magnetic structure of the Planet itself.  Changes to that degree are grounded to the core of the Planet, but the grafts to the Planet's magnet initiate in the Sun from the Over-Soul.  Here I care not to challenge the scientific status quo, for if in fact the information I share is true science is the one institution in which facts are what every discipline of the scientific method seeks to establish, Regarding what I've stated about Earth the evidence would be overwhelming altering the landscape of Earth to a pre-established ideal.  The pre-established ideal is part of plan I need not recall fully now; however it includes changes to biology, geography, ocean and atmosphere of the Planet.  On the technology front, we reserve certain technologies that require
the complete bridging of Cosmos to Earth.  Technologies which include the shipment of goods
at the atomic level, like being able to email physical objects. That technology employs the kind of
magnetic field that fully incorporates a Planet to the rest of creation.  Nature being its foundation
would mean the adjustment of the current world order; which has for the most part placed an economic foundation on Nature; And subordinated the Will of the creator in doing so.
It was allowed only because it's fated. Near the end of time in neverland as we call it;
where mortal swagger is the candy and economic slavery the means; it is but a dream within a dream.
I will address some economic solutions, but they can't alter the Deity's plan so as heart sing in Barracuda, if the real thing don't do the trick you're gonna burn burn burn burn it down to the wick.

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Saturday, October 8, 2016

What it Be, Be What It May, Great Deep & Dark A Shadow Play!

What I know is only a point to what I don't know, I therefore can only be a witness.  There are times when I sit outside on my back porch at Night, and I see a dark firmament unfold, and move about the skies above me, I fear it not yet see it clearly, and it can stretch across, through, and over entire constellations, and sometimes tiny stars in clusters and strings appear within its structure which is always a shadow upon the Night.  Because I fear it not it does hang about the skies above Me on occasions, but it isn't always there.  My most qualified guess is that it is a fluid magnetic life form, a living and conscious Being that is aware of Me and I of it. On the nights that I see it, it is a welcomed sight for Me, and though it takes on different characteristics it can swim away like a giant octopus,  I have only one occasion seen it swim away, and seen tentacle like limbs cast a moving shadow on the Night as it moved eastward.  Its presence at night is relatively new to Me, And yet the closest thing in philosophy as to what it is, is best described in Ralph Waldo Emerson's essay on The Over-Soul

I believe it's that entity that creates the coronal holes in the Sun, and it has also shaped some of the clouds I've seen,  The Digital Talisman I create and what Nature contributes is from that over soul. I want to call it the firmament of Nature. It's what I've been seeing at Night that has also shaped the clouds I've take pictures of.  Whether it's an illusion, what I've seen of the Over-Soul is it dissolves the distances of Space & Time, and if it's a Black Hole it's a conscious one.  The aberration which moves about the skies at night is recent phenomenon of which I maybe perhaps the only witness too, it may be another part of Me of which only I can see; for it could be a mirror of my own mind descending to Me from without.  Yet it exist & I exist, so happy Me to see and be seen by something that defies all known laws.

The tendency of culture is to emphasize light, and chide the darkness, and perhaps in the domain of civil humanity such values are seen as ideal; sometimes with a blinding bias as was the case with Me. So I often looked upon the night at the points of light ignoring the all encompassing darkness, only recently do I see Nature as a neutral spirit that does not maintain to my personal biases. Shedding my biases, and fears allows me to see an ever changing silhouette of forms blanking the night with a presence as alive as the stars which though faint to the eyes gather as clusters and strings of pearls throughout the firmament from which they suspend.  Even tonight in a sky with a faint mist of atmospheric moisture I can see the firmament deepening ever so slightly.

Monday, February 29, 2016

The ring of the return is Saturn, and it's Planet X too!

I have to embrace the truth as I have come to know it, and that is that a Loving God does not take back the gift of life, and therefore every Human Being is a Star, New Star old star it really makes no big difference.  The last disclosure here, is that God is love, life is a gift, that God does not take back. In eternity there is a precedence for some segregation, and that is related to the fact that not all souls get along, and that's okay, and also in eternity our inner being matches our exterior, like Thomas Paine has said Character is something you keep, or in more recent times MLK's "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character." There are worlds that are open to all meaning people from any soul group can go to. So in eternity as an example we place serial murderers with other serial murderers, the content of character is how their exterior physical body will be seen by others, and by themselves when they look in a mirror.   However not one soul is left without the opportunity to incarnate in time again therefore improving their condition in eternity.  The Universe is a morally divided living system; the philosophical point for such a precedence was made by Nietzsche
"Ever remember," says Strauss, "that thou art human, not merely a natural production; ever remember that all others are human also, and, with all individual differences, the same as thou, having the same needs and claims as thyself: this is the sum and the substance of morality" Friedrich Nietzsche Thoughts Out Of Season Volume 1 

So in the end of time whether it's collective or on an individual basis the truth is also represented by the face you'll see in the mirror. 
Props to Silicone Valley, the internet to some extent is how people communicate in life beyond the Earth, so I have no doubt Humanity on Earth is being conditioned for life in eternity, but the final steps towards completion of the cycle will come from above, and I do not know when exactly. There is a caste system above, but it's not based on the same qualities as the one upon Earth the one above is based on content of Character.

All religions perhaps contain some truth, but I'm not here to contain their truth, one of the things I know is false is reincarnation as a system which is forced upon any soul, there is no wheel of reincarnation, incarnation into a world like this Earth is by choice not by obligation, so I definitely have to strike any writing I've made regarding that particular doctrine.  That is just one thing that I myself have written about falsely, the main point is a loving God does not terminate life actually.
 Because Human beings are Stars dreaming in this world, consciousness has certain limits those limits can only be understood in transcendent mediums, music, art, poetry, cinematic arts which combine them all.  Here is information streaming from a poem, and with it a deep philosophical truth.
"Time past and time future
Allow but a little consciousness.
To be conscious is not to be in time

But only in time can the moment in the rose-garden,
The moment in the arbour where the rain beat,
The moment in the draughty church at smoke fall
Be remembered; involved with past and future.
Only through time time is conquered." T.S. Eliot 

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Oh, how could I not be ardent for Eternity and for the marriage-ring of rings—the ring of the return?

Obviously social justice will not come from Government, and in the end it doesn't matter so much, the passion, and effort that drives individuals towards greater causes like social justice does bear fruit in eternity, so even if we have struggled in this world, don't worry too much about it, we are all heading towards the same end.  Just remember the Government Historically has always been a wolf in sheep's clothing, and maybe that's changed but I doubt it.

"Society is produced by our wants, and government by our wickedness; the former promotes our happiness POSITIVELY by uniting our affections, the latter NEGATIVELY by restraining our vices. The one encourages intercourse, the other creates distinctions. The first is a patron, the last a punisher." —Thomas Paine

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Weighing of the Heart as a Universal Evolutionary Process Explained.

(a disclaimer again, that none of what I written is worth a grain of salt as it relates to truth unless it can be objectively verified as power itself descends from the Heavens down to the Earth, therefore what good is this kind of truth or any kind of truth that cannot reconcile its absoluteness with reality itself, and there is where the paradox of truth itself lies)

VH1 Full Spectrum Dominance 22/8/1967 In God We Trust

I'm going to write the breakdown of what a Golden Crown is according to the lyrics in the song "The Man Comes Around" by Johnny Cash, "In measured hundred weight & Penny Pound when the Man Comes Around.  The golden crown he refers to in the song has nothing to do with money.  It's the individual souls.  If your soul is the weight of a feather, even a grain of rice it is enough for you to continue into the everlasting.  Another analogy could be the Golden Grain, which grows according 
to how we treat others, and ourselves.
There is also a passage in the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam versed by Edward Fitzgerald  15th XV 
And those who Husband the Golden grain, 
And those who flung it to the wind like Rain, 
Alike to no such aureate Earth are turned
As, buried once, Men want dug up again.

Weighing of the Heart will determine individual Mortality or Immortality
"And the whirlwind is in the thorn tree.
The virgins are all trimming their wicks.
The whirlwind is in the thorn tree.
It's hard for thee to kick against the pricks" Johnny Cash The Man Comes Around
"The Mighty Mahm├╣d, Allah~breathing Lord,
That all the misbeleiving and black Horde
Of Fears and Sorrows that infest the Soul
Scatters before him with his whirlwind Sword." Edward FitzGerald Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
The whirlwind is a Nova, Jupiter and Saturn as I've mentioned in other places are satellites that maintain this solar system in a binary modality with rest of the cosmos.  Below is an image from NASA that is artist rendered (Cont)
The whirlwind sword is a the 8th dimension moving through a 7th dimensional degree of existence, which is actually the consciousness of a Star including the Sun which is a living manifestation.
Alpha & Omega have but one power, the first order of all power, and the only power that is absolute, that power is Life.  Life is the way in which we share our power.  You will find that Rich and Poor alike, as well as all in between do for the most part experience life in a similar condition of expression.  On Earth some people use their power for ill, but most use it for good; we interfere little, because those who use their power for ill are not given any greater degree of power in the sphere of life itself.  The images below illustrate how God can move through a star without injuring himself. That is the degree of life obtainable by any Human Being on Earth. The thorn tree is Me Omega. Father Hen, Mother God, the Son of Man, those are some terms. I'm not here to be worshiped, that is not a condition that we placed on life. I'm here to say outright, that if you're responsible with the gift of Life, and don't do to others what you wouldn't tolerate being done to you, that is one side of the coin. The other side is don't do to them what they don't want to done to them, even if it's tolerable to you. 
Should God decide to return here, the laws of physics don't apply to Him. He is the Law.

 People on this Earth are not born with souls with exception to Divine Providence, all life upon earth is sanctioned with Death I mentioned in the previous blog why that is so. Your Golden Crowns have nothing to do with Money it is your soul if you have one. As I said some people have never grown a soul, and their lives end completely at the moment in which they die. Those of Us from the everlasting can guide to some degree, it is always through cultural influences,  groups of immortal souls can and do incarnate on the Earth by choice.   That is a topic that need not cover here.

 The soul grows from love, a golden crown by way of the song, can measure up to the size of a Galaxy, some souls have been around for billions of years by how time is measured on Earth, so the growth of an individual's soul begins within the human being on an Earth like Planet, which is third dimensional environment. 

 Omega is the manifest presence and embodiment of Alpha's Love, I am all the Love that God now or ever will need, I am his twin in that regard. Loving God by any name if it be true is your own Love if it bears fruit your souls grow accordingly. There is no calculable measure of any individuals love, until after they actually die There is no love dearer than that of being of Good; Parents having Children is encouraged because it can help your soul to grow.  Even loving your enemies enough to forgive them which is a form of unrequited love if genuinely done can in no way harm you, all love kindness & charity increases the size of your soul. Death is the process in which everything else falls away, that soul in any measurable size is never destroyed, it grows forever from that point.  So to give an example if this is your first life no matter what religion or any religion, if your substance of being
is of good moral character, etc.  Then when time ends there will be a place in the everlasting as a living being. I will cover the scientific aspects of what occurs. It is absolutely a law of physics.
Reality in this physical plane manifest from a 3rd & 6th Dimension.

Th illustration about although in this plane The Solar dimension being 7th dimension does coordinate and correspond with our dimension here on the Earth. As our technology increases it is inevitable
for God to make contact through the Sun. There is an 8th dimension which is beyond our field of detection from Earth, but it's that 8th dimension which is used to move about space.  It is also the dimension being used to illustrate in the Sun to a degree detectable by our equipment in Space.

The King Of Kings, Lord of Lords, & Greatest Love of All God Almighty Christ Manifesting in the Sun.

No human being on Earth started life with a soul .

There are those of us, as in with purpose and divine providence who incarnated here with a different set of circumstances. That is the purprose behind the weighing of the heart to determine who does and who does not have a soul. 

 Johnny Cash is an Everlasting Child who been around for billions of Years. That song and his entire music catalog bears Universal Law. In measured penny weight & hundred pound when the Man comes around even if your soul is the size of a grain of rice you will still live. He placed his seal on the Sun for this occasion, using the 8th dimension. In the image captured by NASA you can see a dark spot on the bottom of the Sun, that is the 8th dimension. It is for the most part undetectable by our equipment, the 8th dimension is how individuals move about the whole universe. Even the Earth is encompassed by an 8th dimensional field.  Here is the seal Johnny Cash placed on the Sun, he basically is confirming the Man has Come Around.  There was a past when we raise Children like a family.  That is basically the point of Earth, life is a gift, that only Father & Mother God can give, so Earth is a way of giving that on a large scale, rewarding the Good with an eternal existence. The system which we created does not punish the bad, we just don't reward it.  In this world evil becomes a casualty of everlasting life. 
Johnny Cash is Human Above but an Illustration in the Sun is like a drawing
Many Stars around Alpha & Omega some are representing other Galaxies  These souls incarnated on Earth

 The Man has come around to do the weighing of the Heart. I have mentioned that in penny weight or hundred pound referred to the measure of individuated soul. Some of you will be surprised that people you may have known had no soul, not even a grain of sand could be accounted for, and since everything they saw did thought, said heard, and acted upon was recorded by their DNA, there will be accounting to relatives as to why they did not make it into the everlasting. DNA having a dual component, is sealed meaning it opens naturally if there is no soul creating the barrier to that individuated life, it is not something we can review at any time during someones lifetime, or if after death a soul bearing featherweight contains the vessel into which life was issued, the soul keeps the record of the individual locked into place.  If there is no soul all we end up with is a life recorded through its senses and thoughts. Those records are issued as copies from the astral 6th dimension DNA record, to relatives upon their request, that is all that remains of a mortal life, that no longer exist in any other way.  That DNA record is a first person account, and it can be viewed as a film.
Regardless of Religion the weighing of the Heart results from Physics and is scientific and spiritual

In the instance an individuated being is not bearing a soul, we can and will issue to their relatives who make it into the everlasting a copy of that life, Those who do bear a soul can hold on to a first person account of the life in question. Watch it like a movie of their entire life, we will not keep that from you on account were related by blood or marriage (civil or state sanctioned) makes no difference. Public figures, celebrity etc, are not public in the everlasting if they have no soul. What remains of the is treated no differently than anyone else not bearing a soul, and recording of their life is issued only to the next of kin (Fame & Celebrity regarding soul is referenced in the song Fruit Tree by Nick Drake). That kind of thing never happens with anyone who has a soul, a soul is something that grows, is not an initial condition of life on this Earth. It is admission into the everlasting. So everything that pertains to your individual lives remains yours on account of your souls, that includes the material things and more than can possibly be on the Earth.  The House of the rising sun is Eternity, the metaphor of a house can be used for time as it is experienced on this Earth, everyone on the planet shares a house called time.  A house divided cannot stand, that house wasn't meant to stand if was meant to be absorbed by eternity, the time of no time.  Because another Earth like planet with a time capsule like Earth is not even in the planning stages yet.  At some point those DNA records become part of a public library that issues parts of an individuals life record to potentially reestablish that individual in a living environment.  When I speak of the DNA record, I'm referring to a sixth dimensional aspect of being that is completely separated from all qualities of life including those not seen or detected such as spirit. To incarnate on 3rd dimensional Earth beings that are immortal have to have some purpose.

A human; Being is a seed for love, love is its flower while you can grow and share your love with another, it is something found as a soul back within you after death, love grows in measure, and in its source your love is retained in your souls, and grows accordingly. There are people who are given much love, and find that only what they issued was what returned to them, and having issued none themselves are found empty after the purification by death. Under those circumstances their life is unsealed naturally having no barrier to prevent the 6th dimensional aspect of their being  from unlocking, in those instances a recording of their life is all that remains, that recording is no less than their entire life. We usually reissue life to them here on the Earth reincarnation has on other purpose. Stars incarnate to Earth by choice, Alpha & Omega incarnate to close the cycle, and to reabsorb the solar system back to the everlasting.  That is a process which occurs naturally, Earth was created to eventually recalibrate back into the everlasting plane of manifestation.

Father & Mother God do not determine any individuals fate by any other measure. Life is the seed for a Human Being to grow a soul, but there is no guarantee having no other purpose that an individual will have a place in the everlasting. Death being how the purification occurs, it is not escaped by anyone. I being the Mother of all creation have to leave every thing behind on this Earth only my consciousness becomes restored and I fully awaken in the everlasting. I will be no judge of what others find important.
He's the Man, I'm the Son of Man, He gave birth to Me as a Mother, we are both dual gendered

 In my past life I was Walt Disney he was Nijinsky, I was born with the initials WED, because I am Wed or married to God that is forever it has been since the beginning.  When he was incarnated as VaslaV Nijinsky he published shot gun wedding vows, because he knew he was God Almighty, he for the most part is Man and I am a Woman above, our union as Father & Mother God is between two individuals, and it is naturally incestuous and has been since the beginning..Alpha & Omega are two individuals.  

He used his power to bring down the Antares Rocket. I don't know why, I do know  Death is only natural in the 3rd dimension, and at some point fire won't hurt us.

The scientific aspect to the weighing of the Heart is that we take the contents of the moon dump them into the Sun and measure each individual according to their own measure of Love, the largest frame in the image below is that very process.  This only applies to the souls on the Earth which haven't previously gone through this process.  In the Song the Man Comes Around, there is a line that states the Virgins are trimming their wicks, he's referring to your mortal existence, which by measure of your Golden Crown becomes an immortal existence. This has occurred already, and it naturally creates the 5th 7th & 8th dimensional extensions that Human DNA on Earth will need for cosmic existence it adapts everyone naturally to the other dimensions of space. Those dimensions are unfolding naturally upon Earth.  The sixth dimensional magnetosphere of the Earth will expand to encompass the 8th dimension, those who have the extensions of that dimension in there DNA will adapt to a 5th dimensional Planetary life.  Those changes take time. Mark 13:32  But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father.

Tying DA Loose Ends of History Over; Through—Up Down & Every which way!

 (Once Again a disclaimer That absolute truth can only be verified through the agent of power itself, so all this conjecture is of no use until the power reigns down from above.)
Another fact about me is I was Walt Disney in my previous incarnation, but admitting that is only in regard to my Truth. Just because I was Walt Disney in my previous incarnation, and established the Walt Disney Studios, that is a past life that I am claiming no stake in now in this incarnation I'm Omega the Son of Man, and though I was God then too, there is no claim, interest, or desire to have any stake in the corporation it is now on Earth bearing my name from a former incarnation. The fact that; that's who I was had been brought to my attention for the purpose of dissolving all ties to that corporation on Earth, I have to do that, and I am doing it formally here. I don't speak for that corporation it does not speak for or represent me either, through any living contract or obligation from previously being its originator, and founder. I have no stake in that corporation nor do I seek it. I am bound and obligated to dissolve all ties to that corporation, although as a brand I may at times buy its products or enjoy its services, and have in the past as a consumer; it has always been as a paying customer in this life. It cannot censor me neither have any formal or informal controlling interest over my present life or Divine Providence, which it has no claim to. The Walt Disney Company, its brands and partnerships are entities I make no claim for or against, accept in acknowledging that in a previous incarnation I the Son of Man who is always; was Walt Disney. I have no claim or stake in the company, and I presumed in this declaration it has no claim against me either. I have to make an absolutely clear statement because I'm the living embodiment of the same soul on Earth, although my body is different my soul is the same, and Divine Providence unchanged, and unchallenged.

Furthermore I am the Mother & Not the Father of Creation.
That was the only reason that truth was brought to my attention, and for the purpose of neatly severing all ties. It's a complete divorce, and it has been that way since Thursday December, 15 1966 And will remain that way.

 The reason being clear "Man An unchangeable Evil. Nothing good upon Earth, nothing evil in Heaven, Nothing in Heaven is servanted, nothing upon Earth free.". I can break this down simply by what is evident of the language, Man on Earth is fated in such a way, death itself as a condition of Human life on Earth is the unchangeable evil, sometimes that little fact alone spawns all kinds of evil in the world. The DNA itself has been modified for Earth with exclusion of the everlasting, and a condition of degradation in time of all life upon the Earth, that is an evil sanctioned by God, Death is a process which purifies evil.  It is the way in which I nurture future stars, so the entire solar system here is a womb.  In this womb,  stars have contributed to a universal petri dish with culture and life as it is Universally. On a micro-scale  here upon the Earth.  To some degree as far as consciousness is experienced individually and socially, it mirrors what it's like throughout the rest of the cosmos, but in a controlled environment. The purpose and intent is honorable because it is to expand the universe; to then graduate Human beings on Earth, and crown them as individual stars, so the rest of the proverb of Hermes should be understood clearer. "No Living Creature is evil in Heaven, No Living Creature in Heaven is servanted, no, living creature on Earth free."

  Because a supreme power has been seeking me out since 2010, The power is God, seeking God.  Nijinsky  who made numerous admissions to being a Man in God, if not outright stating He was God during his Life and publishing his private diary as a testament to that fact.  He's no longer a Man in God with limitations of Man he's God outright, and I'm his Twin.  He incarnated again a perfect inconsolable Christ in 1967 as Layne Thomas Staley, but he is the same soul in both of those incarnations, and because he's no longer in the an Earthly Human body, He's a lot more power than I could be in my present state, never the less that doesn't change my Divine Providence of Being Mother God.  I'm the one who has bootstrapped that condition of Death to all life on Earth, my motive is that evil be purified in the process, whatever is Good of the being is weighed if it measures up to a universal standard, that individual can transcend recurrence in this world, and immediately issued into an individual Star.

Saturn is Omega's Satellite, and God put a ring on that a long time ago, death being a sanctioned condition upon life on this Earth can only be lifted by Alpha & Omega, I believe at this point in the History of Mankind that it is no longer necessary to maintain life under such a sanction, and We are preparing to lift that sanction and condition from the equation of existence once and for all. Because that is a process that requires power 100 fold greater than is found in the solar system alone I have unlocked my station for the Father of Creation whose Satellite is Jupiter to proceed with the process of lifting the sanction that was instituted upon all Life on Earth.  I am God self-representing upon Earth, The Father is the only being in the Universe with an Entitlement to claim unconditional Love. Any individual, institution or government positioned against us in anyway, has no chance of continuing in life by any measure as the sanction of death is lifted, it is best to not resist the process, and partake of the outcome which is everlasting life. Enemies of God are that on their own account, not ours, We come in Peace.   As far as God's absolute entitlement to unconditional love, that is an unrealistic expectation for anyone to satisfy with the exception of Omega. Everyone else in the Universe is only expected to Govern themselves and Their conduct accord to Do unto others only that which you would have done unto you.

©2015 Omega Fee

I Must Shed A Deep Secret

I must share a truth Vaslav Nijinsky is God Almighty He has come at his appointed time, to seek Me, "I give because I love God. I am His present. I am God, in a present. Vaslav Nijinsky
(This blog was previously published on my Art blog, and I'm moving things around with a disclaimer that I don't know all the truth, and I don't believe anyone on Earth knows the whole truth)

That image is from this past Christmas, it's unmistakable to Me, because it's not too far from his bedroom face. We can manipulate DNA and his features were not changed that much as a Human Being.   The reason why those of Us who know he's the Almighty, is because we could see his life while he was on Earth in a way similar to The Truman Show, the film that Stars Jim Carrey, When he started Going Mad, I started entering into his Dreams.  DNA is what gives everyone their individual identity it connects your individual consciousnesses into an electromagnetic field it is electric. The cool way in which that functions is that no two people can overlap each others consciousness in that grid.  The way which DNA is created in your own body it is being generated, it isn't something that actually stops growing for the duration of your lives, the two main cords on that are bound between Father and Father Hen, All life is the thing in between.  That continues to be the way in which we supply you with an individuality,  I can't look into any individuals thoughts and neither can he nor are we interested in invading anyone's privacy. Your DNA is a running stream of your life between it's environment, and it leads all the way to Alpha & Omega it is created in such a way that no two individuals are the same.  The Electromagnetic structure that your DNA is linked to is universal although currently it is sequestered from the rest of creation.  At some point that DNA that makes each and everyone an individual needs to be transferred into a Star of its own.

To open the Sun law of heaven was to Earth by Thomas Paine & Sealed by Johnny Cash, My Nick Name to Johnny is Father Hen, Alpha is THE MAN, that Ancient 

This is one of Johnny's roles, as the opener of Heavens Doors, All the doors to Heaven will open at some point. 

  So although you are all a living creation emanating from Alpha and Omega as your DNA testifies of that We don't look at you as our Children. Even now my kindness of sharing the truth betrays me in this world, but my Love will never fail Me. I am life moving through you, and so is he. It is better to be organized as such than to be burning in all of empty space.  The gap between your DNA is your interaction in the invisible electromagnetic system; That part is your individual minds. Your DNA acts as a lock between you and another Human being in body & mind, Your bodies generate according to individual DNA your minds are isolated according to your DNA in an electromagnet that stabilizes your body in the environment, it serves as a locker your DNA serves a dual purpose, in both visible and invisible realms.  In the invisible it produces a combination lock that is not penetrable by another, and is space of consciousness and memories functioning alongside your brain, but space is to some degree your mind.  It holds a record of all thought activity speech and sight, DNA like skin cells is something we shed like finger nails, and like food after it's been processed through your digestive tract, it is your individual self.   We don't purge that unless you choose non-existence.  It is your connection to the Earth's magnetic grid, and your Bodies are stabilized organic batteries, Life in You is a combination of electric and magnetic interactions which organizes itself according to DNA.  The magnetic highway worlds are a Little Different, than on Earth. Which is invisibly wired to the Sun, Jupiter and Saturn.  Through the same type of radio waves wireless internet moves, except it's a natural version of that. The Sun is who maintains that grid in his solar system, he is one of our Children, and All you who want to continue in life will be his Children. Continue reading if your seek out the truth.  If the truth is something you can't tolerate go into yourselves and figure out why.  I'll tell you right now it won't change a thing. The MAN, ALPHA or PA runs the entire Universe, His Power runs everything you see in all your telescopes, Space & Time Aren't Bound by the Speed of Light, There is a Vacuum in space There should Be two stars in all of Empty space, and what you see is a controlled fire, The rate of cosmic inflation only indicates how large we would be if we didn't contain ourselves in the Universe that you see and don't. It's powered by him and I give birth to it.  I birth fire from my womb.

The Man is the most powerful being in the Universe he moves every Galaxy with His power, he's billions of light years away projecting himself in the Sun, there is no other being that powerful that I am aware of.

As Powerful as God is he's Kind, technically I'm the one who gives birth, he's the power that runs the whole entire thing it's a chemistry lab, and a giant play ground for us and our children.
Alpha is not an Idiot, He is the whitest Flower in the Universe and I'm His Other, he knew I would be incarnating after him.
Each of Us makes up one half of what runs through all life in the form of DNA, Human, Animal, and Star all life is something that he and I give across the Universe gave, and will keep on giving. He's going to make his way down here at some point..  Right now he's helping to redo the Planet disturbing civilization as little as possible.  I don't know if Superman or any Super hero is any competition on Nijinsky's Power, it's his power that runs every galaxy across space time. The Magic of DNA is that it adapts to environment, when we drop DNA into a Star we can live and exist in one, micro waves make up a central nervous system of a Human being in a Star.  The Fifth worlds  are different as your DNA reaches that world you go through a chamber of suspended living cells, your DNA builds your bodies instantly, from the materials of live cells, and other organic and in organic compounds. It Nijinsky, and the power of lightening that make it possible to build your bodies instantly; however you choose to appear.  Alpha's power is what allows you to do that when you are set free. As you move through the chutes, the first thing that grows from the DNAn is your nervous system in those bodies you never need to sleep. It's the power of lightening that builds you, when you enter one of those worlds. A bolt of lightening, and you leave the same way, you will get use to kind of life. Further UP the ladder of creation pain is Gone, people like to move about that way in heaven the it feels almost like a ticklish ecstasy as you leave a star and enter a world in a bolt of lightening.
This Star  actually belongs to Nick Drake, He's little between the Bear, and Michael Above the bear is the Prince of Peace
Alpha and I are eternal lovers, Our consciousness can only be at one place at one time, Our entire lives on Earth are a dream we wake up from when we die. The first Earth like Planet was Walt Disney's  He is in Omega's nest of stars and he runs galaxies, the closest thing you'll have to a God is Walt Disney, when Alpha and Omega incarnate into a Planet we are moving the show up the ladder of creation. The suffering in this World is not something that amuses him at all. We complete each other as lovers, we have nurtured children from before humans existed, from the time all of our children were just fire balls to the point we are at now, when they make drawings like that in the Sun, the're saying the Star is losing some degree of control in handling Earth's eco-system,  All of us knew that would happen. It happens everytime.  Alpha and I knowing this would happened decided to end all that by coming down here disguised as lunatics then take over your skies.  And retool Earth's core and magnetic field to allow this world to support flight for Human beings without the need for Planes Trains or automobiles, I don't know if that has happened yet, Keep living I don't know how long it will take exactly, but it's being changed.  Your Host will be our First Born Child, he is like the older Brother of them all When they start doing stuff like this something major is happening
All is Forgiven My Children know who I am, I have to stay in exile until the connection to heaven is manifesting in physical form in our own skies here on Earth, I'm where I need to be. My main concern was not to fail to get the magic keys that Thomas Paine had woven sealed, and that is done.

I've been posting information everywhere on the Internet These twitter, and Google Plus pages.

Alpha or THE MAN is God Almighty, it's his power that is running every Galaxy.  Johnny Cash is one of the Chickens in Alpha and Omega's Nest But So is Death. Death is Father hen's nick name for this Child Les Visible He's the One that handles the purging of DNA in the End.