Sunday, October 6, 2013

Beware of Psychological Hypnosis Being Spread Across the Internet.

First of all I want to say that the information I have published on this blog prior to this post, and the information in the line below was written under a state of psychological hypnosis.  I believe that people might be able to continue for a while under this type of hypnosis, but it is ultimately detrimental to the health of individuals.   I reverse engineered the psychology involved.  I was under hypnosis for over four years, and it is rather cruel that it is being practiced in a setting of an unaware public.   The basics is that a Human being begins to shoulder the weight of the world, and it becomes crushing and paralyzing, back in 2009 I began watching the teachings of Krishnamurti, he programs a state of depression, that is so detrimental, I don't know if the psychology can reverse it's effects in other people, I've walked out of it, and now my body is closed.  I have uploaded a video to You Tube at least to share what happens in the process.  I knew something was wrong what happens is the mind becomes burdened with emotions fragmented into problems that are suggested by the hypnotist, but anyway I reverse engineered it, and the writing below the line occurred while I was still unconscious of the state of hypnosis I was under.  Galan Elias Tollbanks was pen name, my identity became scattered as a result of the hypnosis., and anyway I can reveal in this video how it is done.   Now that I understand hypnosis, Krisnamurti's was the most potent one, and I reverse engineer myself out of it, but People who are hypnotized by that technique sometimes never become free agents of their own will again, at least during their terrestrial life, and since I am agnostic, I will leave the information as possible, but I was induced into a fragmented consciousness, trying to help humanity, and since I had interventions in which the planet itself connected with me, in a phenomenal way, and the dreams and visions I was interpreting from an over burdened emotional state; I rather say it was a musing from someone who fell victim to a cruel program of hypnosis in which I was caught unaware.

Ego Does Not Exist.   In this video I ground the foundation of Boundary Relativism™ which is a term I am coining for use in my science of the mind.  After say one is transcending from a state of centered and individualized boundaries, into a collective reflection the transition of awakening into a collective is the path of the dream, the mystic, and the lover, for you know nothing more in that state than the truth of your own soul, it is fully expressing in the super-ego, and it is a surrender to the dream of ideals.  That state can go on for the rest of ones terrestrial life especially if supported by the external world.  From that place of the mystic treading I returned to the land of the living, and awaken with a mascot and transcendental alter ego, Dicky B.Haven™ which is a character which can forever embody that dream alongside me, that walk in the dream is akin to the same experiences described by Carl Jung.  It is the path of embracing every God and No God of walking the path of God, and of trying to make sense of God in a fragmented and broken state, identification with the random dear one, lost in the world and never found, for reality has become the nightmare, the abyss, the darkest crypt held together only by a struggle to carry the world towards the light, and the light only more darkness.  Some of the writing from my dreaming state can be found One of the things about the process is that is one way to go back into your past and see how the boundaries or blocks where created in the mind, and seeing fully the process of how even emotions are mechanized by the mind through external and internal triggers, in the contemplation of time (which in a depressed state is boredom), based on rational/irrational reflexes we call desires, for what is the mind but a machine, born into a world to contemplate time the novelty of absolute supreme intelligence.  So my final view and why I am agnostic is that if God is anything at all God is a supreme intelligence, who is yet out of reach from humankind's present understanding. ©2013 Alan Jong

The writing here I was still writing using a pen name Galan Elias Tollbanks.
The Eternal will of God, As Above is as below, on this Earth the movement towards it is what generates an evolutionary leap.   On July 11th I shared on Face Book what the eternal will is I uploaded this Image of the table of Isis with the following text "If you cannot recognize that every person born on the Earth has equal share in the earth itself, as a Birth Right, then you are in support of economic slavery. For Me Living according to the Will of God is recognizing that every Human being born on the Earth, has equity in the Earth itself, this share in the earth is equal to all other Human Beings. As Above so Below."  In other words it became expressly clear that the will of God is based on an equality that can never be compromised with no exception, the truth is it isn't compromised even on the Earth, and because the Human species does not live according to it, everyone experiences death, and death can only be overcome by everyone on the Earth at the same time, or no one at all.   Every would be world leader, mogul, or captain of any industry in the present world is burgeoning toward one thing their, eventual fall, and not even the wealthiest person on Planet will overcome death, not with anything they say, do, or apply their wealth to, with one exception; to acknowledge the eternal will, for themselves, and then live accordingly. 

After I wrote that within 2 days the Central Sun broadcast a response which validates the Eternal Will of God, the originator of all creation. This is the way in which that occurred

  There is a reason why God is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and ending of all things, when the first creation in this Universe ended in a massive explosion, God was the only survivor, and has since regenerated the souls worthy of regeneration from that creation. There is only one Universe, there is only one God, and there is only one creation in the Universe at any given time.  
I had typed up everything I need to type in several paragraph that got deleted in this blog, so I'm just going to retype this in a more concise format, with the basic outline of data which streamed to Me from my own consciousness in higher plane of manifestation. 

The first creation in this universe was destroyed by the Holy Spirit, we are in the second creation, and the second creation is where the binary souls emerged.  Twin souls where a modification resulting from the destruction first creation, what lead to the end of the first creation, was what began the polarities now experience in the lower dimensions of creation.  Good/ Evil, opposites, and the two genders which all life manifest in.  

 There are five kinds of souls on the Planet Earth.
1. There are those who were the cause of the destruction of the first creation, the dimension the Earth is presently in, is the only environment in which those souls are released on occasion given a mortal existence, that they may be found worthy of redemption, some of these are souls which have never redeemed themselves, they go back to a dormant state when the dimension shifts, and they were the cause of their own destruction. The Holy Spirit decides when these souls incarnate, and there is no determination of when this occurs only that it occurs.
2. There are souls that though took part in what ultimately destroyed the entire first creation in the Universe,  have redeemed themselves at some point in the second creation, in an environment very much like the Earth as it presently exist.   
3. Then there are souls who though initially perished when the first creation was destroyed, they were regenerated prior to the creation seen now across the entire Universe, these, along with the first two types, are the most ancient beings in the creation, having existed in the first creation, and presently exist throughout the Universe.

4. Then there are the Binary Souls born in the second creation, which have evolved from the cycle of reincarnation, and returned to fulfill missions. 
5, And lastly there are the binary souls born of the second creation, who have yet to move beyond the cycle of reincarnation, and these make up the majority of Earths population.
There are only Ten dimensions in the entire cosmos. 

The first dimension is Infinite Matter, the building blocks of the material world, which are both infinite and eternal.
The Second dimension is infinite energy which is both infinite and eternal in the same way matter is. 
The third dimension consist of what we presently see, and experience as a living environment. It consist of the 4th dimension, and the first two.So this dimension is a vacuum which consolidates matter, and provides the environment for living entities grounded here from higher dimensions.

The forth Dimension, Time and consciousness, both are the same thing, it is what becomes objective in a Human being.  I was sucked into some of the theories about time, that it is an illusion, etc. I have come to find out it is not, it is eternal, and it is no different than consciousness, time is both subjective, and objective.  Time/consciousness is the eternal embodiment of the soul, even upon death from this plane of manifestation, you don't exit time or consciousness, because it is the same thing. The way time is measured is relative only to this Planet since it is based in the movement of the planet around the Sun, but as a dimension consciousness is the dimension of time, which is eternal in that respect. 
The fifth Dimension is like the present dimension, incorporated by the will of God. In this dimension, life no longer has a dual nature, the environment becomes stable, and the organisms which presently economize on decomposition of organic matter, they no longer exist, the elemental spirits which took up those roles are assigned differently. 
The Six dimension, this dimension is the second and fourth dimension, it is absolute spirit, it is where consciousness exist only in an energetic state. 

The Seventh Dimension, This is the solar, all of the Stars planets, and our souls exist, ultimately every Human Being on the Planet is existing simultaneously in the Sun, but individuated consciousness is not awakened in there, except you are not longer bound to reincarnation, then you can awaken in there, and only the next dimension can move you to another material environment. 

The eight dimension this is the Galactic consciousness, this is the dimension that God uses to move through all creation, and so do all evolved beings in the cosmos. 

The ninth dimension, this the Holy Spirit, the spirit within all living creation, the Divine feminine.Only in plant, and animal life does this organize intelligence, as a collective entity programmer.  Human beings are first cycle, an individuated process occurs.

The tenth dimension, the Eternal Will.