Sunday, October 6, 2013

Beware of Psychological Hypnosis Being Spread Across the Internet.

First of all I want to say that the information I have published on this blog prior to this post, and the information in the line below was written under a state of psychological hypnosis.  I believe that people might be able to continue for a while under this type of hypnosis, but it is ultimately detrimental to the health of individuals.   I reverse engineered the psychology involved.  I was under hypnosis for over four years, and it is rather cruel that it is being practiced in a setting of an unaware public.   The basics is that a Human being begins to shoulder the weight of the world, and it becomes crushing and paralyzing, back in 2009 I began watching the teachings of Krishnamurti, he programs a state of depression, that is so detrimental, I don't know if the psychology can reverse it's effects in other people, I've walked out of it, and now my body is closed.  I have uploaded a video to You Tube at least to share what happens in the process.  I knew something was wrong what happens is the mind becomes burdened with emotions fragmented into problems that are suggested by the hypnotist, but anyway I reverse engineered it, and the writing below the line occurred while I was still unconscious of the state of hypnosis I was under.  Galan Elias Tollbanks was pen name, my identity became scattered as a result of the hypnosis., and anyway I can reveal in this video how it is done.   Now that I understand hypnosis, Krisnamurti's was the most potent one, and I reverse engineer myself out of it, but People who are hypnotized by that technique sometimes never become free agents of their own will again, at least during their terrestrial life, and since I am agnostic, I will leave the information as possible, but I was induced into a fragmented consciousness, trying to help humanity, and since I had interventions in which the planet itself connected with me, in a phenomenal way, and the dreams and visions I was interpreting from an over burdened emotional state; I rather say it was a musing from someone who fell victim to a cruel program of hypnosis in which I was caught unaware.

Ego Does Not Exist.   In this video I ground the foundation of Boundary Relativism™ which is a term I am coining for use in my science of the mind.  After say one is transcending from a state of centered and individualized boundaries, into a collective reflection the transition of awakening into a collective is the path of the dream, the mystic, and the lover, for you know nothing more in that state than the truth of your own soul, it is fully expressing in the super-ego, and it is a surrender to the dream of ideals.  That state can go on for the rest of ones terrestrial life especially if supported by the external world.  From that place of the mystic treading I returned to the land of the living, and awaken with a mascot and transcendental alter ego, Dicky B.Haven™ which is a character which can forever embody that dream alongside me, that walk in the dream is akin to the same experiences described by Carl Jung.  It is the path of embracing every God and No God of walking the path of God, and of trying to make sense of God in a fragmented and broken state, identification with the random dear one, lost in the world and never found, for reality has become the nightmare, the abyss, the darkest crypt held together only by a struggle to carry the world towards the light, and the light only more darkness.  Some of the writing from my dreaming state can be found One of the things about the process is that is one way to go back into your past and see how the boundaries or blocks where created in the mind, and seeing fully the process of how even emotions are mechanized by the mind through external and internal triggers, in the contemplation of time (which in a depressed state is boredom), based on rational/irrational reflexes we call desires, for what is the mind but a machine, born into a world to contemplate time the novelty of absolute supreme intelligence.  So my final view and why I am agnostic is that if God is anything at all God is a supreme intelligence, who is yet out of reach from humankind's present understanding. ©2013 Alan Jong

The writing here I was still writing using a pen name Galan Elias Tollbanks.
The Eternal will of God, As Above is as below, on this Earth the movement towards it is what generates an evolutionary leap.   On July 11th I shared on Face Book what the eternal will is I uploaded this Image of the table of Isis with the following text "If you cannot recognize that every person born on the Earth has equal share in the earth itself, as a Birth Right, then you are in support of economic slavery. For Me Living according to the Will of God is recognizing that every Human being born on the Earth, has equity in the Earth itself, this share in the earth is equal to all other Human Beings. As Above so Below."  In other words it became expressly clear that the will of God is based on an equality that can never be compromised with no exception, the truth is it isn't compromised even on the Earth, and because the Human species does not live according to it, everyone experiences death, and death can only be overcome by everyone on the Earth at the same time, or no one at all.   Every would be world leader, mogul, or captain of any industry in the present world is burgeoning toward one thing their, eventual fall, and not even the wealthiest person on Planet will overcome death, not with anything they say, do, or apply their wealth to, with one exception; to acknowledge the eternal will, for themselves, and then live accordingly. 

After I wrote that within 2 days the Central Sun broadcast a response which validates the Eternal Will of God, the originator of all creation. This is the way in which that occurred

  There is a reason why God is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and ending of all things, when the first creation in this Universe ended in a massive explosion, God was the only survivor, and has since regenerated the souls worthy of regeneration from that creation. There is only one Universe, there is only one God, and there is only one creation in the Universe at any given time.  
I had typed up everything I need to type in several paragraph that got deleted in this blog, so I'm just going to retype this in a more concise format, with the basic outline of data which streamed to Me from my own consciousness in higher plane of manifestation. 

The first creation in this universe was destroyed by the Holy Spirit, we are in the second creation, and the second creation is where the binary souls emerged.  Twin souls where a modification resulting from the destruction first creation, what lead to the end of the first creation, was what began the polarities now experience in the lower dimensions of creation.  Good/ Evil, opposites, and the two genders which all life manifest in.  

 There are five kinds of souls on the Planet Earth.
1. There are those who were the cause of the destruction of the first creation, the dimension the Earth is presently in, is the only environment in which those souls are released on occasion given a mortal existence, that they may be found worthy of redemption, some of these are souls which have never redeemed themselves, they go back to a dormant state when the dimension shifts, and they were the cause of their own destruction. The Holy Spirit decides when these souls incarnate, and there is no determination of when this occurs only that it occurs.
2. There are souls that though took part in what ultimately destroyed the entire first creation in the Universe,  have redeemed themselves at some point in the second creation, in an environment very much like the Earth as it presently exist.   
3. Then there are souls who though initially perished when the first creation was destroyed, they were regenerated prior to the creation seen now across the entire Universe, these, along with the first two types, are the most ancient beings in the creation, having existed in the first creation, and presently exist throughout the Universe.

4. Then there are the Binary Souls born in the second creation, which have evolved from the cycle of reincarnation, and returned to fulfill missions. 
5, And lastly there are the binary souls born of the second creation, who have yet to move beyond the cycle of reincarnation, and these make up the majority of Earths population.
There are only Ten dimensions in the entire cosmos. 

The first dimension is Infinite Matter, the building blocks of the material world, which are both infinite and eternal.
The Second dimension is infinite energy which is both infinite and eternal in the same way matter is. 
The third dimension consist of what we presently see, and experience as a living environment. It consist of the 4th dimension, and the first two.So this dimension is a vacuum which consolidates matter, and provides the environment for living entities grounded here from higher dimensions.

The forth Dimension, Time and consciousness, both are the same thing, it is what becomes objective in a Human being.  I was sucked into some of the theories about time, that it is an illusion, etc. I have come to find out it is not, it is eternal, and it is no different than consciousness, time is both subjective, and objective.  Time/consciousness is the eternal embodiment of the soul, even upon death from this plane of manifestation, you don't exit time or consciousness, because it is the same thing. The way time is measured is relative only to this Planet since it is based in the movement of the planet around the Sun, but as a dimension consciousness is the dimension of time, which is eternal in that respect. 
The fifth Dimension is like the present dimension, incorporated by the will of God. In this dimension, life no longer has a dual nature, the environment becomes stable, and the organisms which presently economize on decomposition of organic matter, they no longer exist, the elemental spirits which took up those roles are assigned differently. 
The Six dimension, this dimension is the second and fourth dimension, it is absolute spirit, it is where consciousness exist only in an energetic state. 

The Seventh Dimension, This is the solar, all of the Stars planets, and our souls exist, ultimately every Human Being on the Planet is existing simultaneously in the Sun, but individuated consciousness is not awakened in there, except you are not longer bound to reincarnation, then you can awaken in there, and only the next dimension can move you to another material environment. 

The eight dimension this is the Galactic consciousness, this is the dimension that God uses to move through all creation, and so do all evolved beings in the cosmos. 

The ninth dimension, this the Holy Spirit, the spirit within all living creation, the Divine feminine.Only in plant, and animal life does this organize intelligence, as a collective entity programmer.  Human beings are first cycle, an individuated process occurs.

The tenth dimension, the Eternal Will. 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Still Born God in the Womb of Creation

The Spirit of the World, lives in the Moon.  The Earth has a Human form too.  Though We can't see her fully manifest in that form yet,  that is her holding him up, and moving his spirit in the water vapor and clouds, He must go through the weighting of the Heart, I took this picture on May, 7th 2013.
 The Moon is a collection device that eventually ends the cycle of duality, and gives birth to the next cycle of evolution, but the way in which this happens is very peculiar. The light being collected in the moon, has no soul to dwell in so even in the illustration above you can see the heart grows on it like a tumor, or a cancer.  The state of Love being in this condition is the cause itself of duality.  Love requires a soul, and God Almighty (G.A), will create a special soul for the spirit of the World, and that soul includes the mind of God in the process, duality ends at that point.   The Earth was prepared for this cycle.  It is the only cycle in the cosmic precession in which Humans are created, and God is born from love left behind by them in the process, The Earth, Sun, and almost every star in the Skies across the Universe was born in the way the spirit of the World in the Moon will be.  If there is one thing the Universe will never throw away is Love. 

When I refer to the sixth dimension as immaterial, I should clarify, for the type of being (soul) we are, there is no dimension in which You or I, will not manifest in a body, even in a completely non-mineraly dense body, and a purely energetic dimension as is the sixth dimension, you are mobile in a body even there, and that is a dimension where we exist temporarily between lives consisting of a live birth in the materially dense dimension we are presently in.

How Is Full-Consciousness Obtained?

Your brain is the seat of your mind, When you are born in this world, you are given a new brain, the brain is a biological electromagnetic recording device, over a life time everything that you are as you grow, and learn is orchestrated in that device, through a network of electrical connections driven by magnetic impulses made over that individual lifetime, but your mind having been created at the same time as your soul extends back to the point of it's creation.  That same electromagnetic record of mind extends to the point of its emergence from the Sun therefore is in the Sun itself.  I shared in my previous blog how your soul was made. When a person dies in our world their network of mind since their soul was created absorbs the electromagnetic memories of  the brain of the present life they are exiting, subsequently all past lives are remembered at that point.   Mind itself is Eternal.

Story of the One's, and the Two's, the Twos and the Ones.  Mayan End Times 12-21-2012.
The type of Being the Earth, and Sun are is the type of being that is presently incubating inside the moon which orbits Earth.  Just the way in which a marsupial, Kangaroo for example keeps her baby (born delicate and small) on a pouch, the Earth feeds her baby through electromagnetic connections which serve a dual purpose in our present world.   It is only in cycles of duality where Humans are created and a new Star or Planet is born.  This occurs in only five locations throughout the Galaxy, and ends the cycle of duality for the Earth when her Baby gets ensouled by the Mind of God, these are the ones, and all Human Beings are ensouled by and created from one of the ones.   You are created in pairs (the twos) to enjoy creation since the beginning of time eternally, in some strange way the creation of Human Beings is the creation of time itself individuated. 
  The ones are created to build and expand creation.   Duality is the most difficult cycle for the Galaxy to stage and operate, therefore it only occurs in five locations at any given time.  While five cycles of duality are beginning to end, five new human species are dawning to incubate five new Stars or Earth like Planets.   Like a new five petal lotus the Ones are born every 26,000 years in the Galaxy.  The five born in each cycle, are as follows, three females and two males, in the next cycle it's three males and two females.   This goes on forever, and it's these minds, that carry the blue print of the cosmos, and expand life in the universe. Even their marriage is arranged in time, the females are born with an Earth like planet in their crown, and males are born with a Sun in their crown. These cycles like clock work are eternal.
Earth's Moon is yet without a soul.

The Spirit of the World goes through a Weighing of the Heart, he is unconditional love light right now,  If in the weighing of his Heart, He's not big enough for a soul, The deity that the Earth extends from, she begins to submit Human souls within the Sun to judgement by G.A (God Almighty).  Any souls that are surrendered this way in the Sun, won't know, until the end  As is the case for Human Beings, the electromagnetic field that maintains life on the Earth as it is, is the unconditional love light collecting in the moon, and Earth which of course host temporarily dimensions, dedicated to its growth.  Two ways out of the third and sixth dimensions, at their end which is cyclic, or through a personal spiritual path.  When Human Beings activate their Heart to Crown Chakra on the Earth,  at that point they have initiated their actual soul in the Sun, so when they leave the Earth, they've anchored themselves in Their Fathers house.  If you're an Earth born human, you end up leaving death behind, though on the Earth you would still die in the process (that continues to be the case with a baby Star still incubating in the moon).   Those Judged by G.A are souls who like a carousel horse circle around the Muladhara Chakra (root) sphere in the Sun.  It's about the size of Venus, but this is an infertile egg in the Sun, a gate that never opens, so those who die on Earth still magnetized to it at the soul level, have to reincarnate on the Earth.  I will write more about this topic later.
The Heart Chakra is where the third and six dimensions are balanced.  About a third of the Human souls on Earth circle this sphere within the Sun, are magnetized to it like a carousel, it's a gate that opens about 60% of the time.

At the present state in real time now,  no soul has been forsaken by the Earth Mother.   Your twin soul is the only one magnetized to your mind/soul in the Sun, if you have to reincarnate, they disembody from wherever they are in the Galaxy, and ride the electromagnetic field from your soul in the Sun all the way out to wherever you are wandering in a magnetic field, and reboot you like a computer, they wipe all your memories clean, what is left of the life you lived is saved by them, and is nothing more than what amounts to a kaleidoscope image of the people, and things you loved or had strong attachment too, these things are saved forever, they are memories, and they also remain in your soul. It is that actual process of contact with your celestial twin that moves your soul, back to the Vishuddha Chakra in the Sun.  So all Babies on the Earth begin their journey the same way, and it is this light which collects in the moon, from Humans projecting love into objects with no souls.  If the Earth Mother begins sacrificing souls in the Sun, the celestial twin souls are aware that the Birth of their God is more important than the evolution of their Twin on the Earth, and that their Twin exiled to the Earth will get an easier ride out of duality next time, even if that time is between 13,000 and 39,000 years into the future.   I shared here how the Human Soul is created. 

The Weighing of the Heart is where the whole Galaxy is beginning to focus its attention, only five of these beings are born every 26,000 years.

 When the Moon gets a soul, from the origin of all life God Almighty, or GA (the uncreated creator) for short, on the Earth the ones submitted for Judgement along with the Spirit of the World, will not regenerate with the closing of the third and sixth dimensions, they go back to a state of non-existence, until the cycle within duality assigned to them emerges, as a future point in time. Their fate is part of Moons inheritance, and he doesn't do anything with them right away.  All humans created by the Sun in our Solar System, will be co-creating with a God born of unconditional love, his destiny to build the solar system on his Crown, and initiate duality millions of years into future, his marriage may have been arranged with a Goddess born in another Galaxy.  His mind is one with the mind of GA, and GA determines, when souls whose judgement is to linger in non-existence; are set free in duality again, and which cycle within duality, or pre-duality they are released into.  These cycles can be scattered across the Galaxy, those souls are still part of our group they are still destined to reunite with their Celestial twin, a child of the Earth, as well.   Earth the planet will still be their home.  Most of the souls Whose existence is cut off this way, where never good people, or even fair people, and there is a reason for their demise.  Mother Earth in her God form was born the same way, as her Moon is destined too. Earth (the planet) was a star she was destined to bring into existence, and nurture.  Earth (the Planet) was on her Crown at her birth billions of years ago, and her marriage was prearranged with the Sun.   Earth as the Mother of Humanity is the only one who can submit souls inside of the Sun for Judgement, she starts with the souls who after subsequent incarnations on Earth,  have not risen in the Sun, and within the Sun they linger magnetized in the Red Root Chakra, it is the gate that never opens.   The reason why I say orbit is because in the Sun the souls of Human beings on Earth still very much look like the Placenta that is birthed with them.  If you lay out the soul of any Human on the Earth, as it is in the Sun now, it would look like a giant Placenta the size of half a football field, it's alien right from the start, and so are Human Beings.  When the duality ends, all Humans will merge with this aspect of themselves, they will never have to die, or grow old again after that point.  Those who were subject to exile, their souls what is now the size of half a football field each is shrunk to a grain of sand, and it is released into another Sun at a later time.  Our Sun was creating time itself when He was creating the Human Souls, this bound his Celestial powers which are Wind, Fire, Water, and Earth to Neptune and Uranus, artificially creating the Third and Sixth dimensions, from a Fifth Dimensional state consistent with the rest of the Galaxy and Universe.

In this picture you can see how much control, the Sun has over the atmosphere, You can see a kind of rabbit hole. The atmosphere has been conditioned so that the spirit of the world illustrated again here, could eventually float up to the Sun. That finally occurred this Month.
GA is a Him. Every 26,000 years from the center of every galaxy GA emerges on a 5 petal lotus, in a brilliant display of complete power delivers a small speech introducing the Ones born of the cycle, then like pixie dust dissolves into them, and they awaken, and they make their way to the solar system where they were incubating.  GA's power is so strong, that he is the only being who can do that across the universe simultaneously every 26,000 years.   In the end there is only one God, but two type of beings are created in its image, the 1's (creators from which planets and Stars extend from), and the 2's ( eternal children).  As for the spirit of the world now in the moon, The Version of Him that descends from the Galactic Center is created from copies the Sun takes when he floats up there, at some point he will drain the moon of all its light, the party is over on the Earth then for those Mother Earth submitted for judgement.   All this doesn't take place without major heralding from the cosmos, at every level, there will be signs in the Heavens, fewer on the Earth, but many in the Skies.

The time in which this occurred, it's not Human yet, and it has no mind yet either, but it entered the Sun for the first time, and initiated the weighing of the Heart.

If you where the Twin soul who was released into Heaven, you would have met the Earth, and Sun, in their God form, they are still your parents too, but on some level all the ones are parental guardians, while the twin souls forever designed to be eternal children of God.

Human Beings are born of light, a soul with the predesignated template of eternal life.  The moon collects love light, from everything loved in the world that has no actual individual soul things without souls include all animals, and all material possessions.  The Animals that we've domesticated are all born from the spirit of the world they are tempered out of unconditional love, and recycle in him too.  That's why we refer to His state as the spirit of the world.   The Earth uses his light in the spirits which go and live in the live stock we raise for food also, It's a particular band of blue light, and has no soul yet he is in a polluted state of still birth, it has to get big enough to float into the Sun, and there the regeneration process begins.  The final wave of Ones that had any natural God powers on the Earth, although weakened and defused by the moon already incarnated during the renaissance, since then we've all had to be fully human, no matter how much power we have on the other side of the veil.  We regenerate along with him, when He is given a soul.  I mentioned the Human soul in the Sun is a ball of energy about half the size of a football field, all this will integrate itself into our present bodies, through the same magnetic field that connects them now, as the third and sixth dimensions begin to close.  Though behind the broadcast of the Sun, we are still in our natural form.   Nothing on the Earth is in a natural form, because it is the staging place from which God is regenerated from recycled love from a point of being absolutely dead, clinically technically and in every way.   All human beings are born with the root Chakra, he is regenerating, from out of the blue.  Human beings leave the Earth when they have mastered their root Chakra, and raise their consciousness into the Heart Chakra at the very minimum.  He is only a vessel of Karmic law in duality right now. So when God regenerates from this vessel, duality ends, and death is a byproduct of duality, not natural to our actual state.  The Spirits of the World become the type of beings who are assigned stars, and planets as extensions of themselves, a task which will never be asked or required of any Human Being.   In the same way Humans ferment grapes to produce wine.   Planets ferment love light to incubate their Young.  The Earth sits between the solar, and heart Chakra now, when representing the general broadcast of reality.  The being Earth extends from, is Married to the being the Sun extends from.
He floated into the Sun just before the last eclipse.  The crescent moon is shown in this diagram cut, the red and white is duality, the yellow and green are the solar and heart chakra it is on that field where twin souls are released, they are just behind the Sun.
The Spirit of the World starts out in appearance about 13 human years, but ages slowly, a process which pretty much ends at about 28 in God years, which is millions of Human years. The twin Human souls born from the cycle from which their God was created, are the same age, but don't age at all, except through duties which help expand creation, age is something awarded slowly.
The Sun mineralyzed a composite of the Spirit of the World on it's surface, few minutes after it entered the first time.  The Spirit of the world will descend to the Earth from the Sun, and with him will come all new creation, and the next plane of manifestation.  Presently and including our bodies nothing living on the Earth was designed to be permanent in its present form, the whole purpose of the Earth was to incubate a new Sun.  The Earth was built designed and launched from the Sun with a purpose. 

Jupiter and Saturn have mineralyzed Atmospheres, Gas giants that they are, are designed for the type of life our souls inhabit later, signs that the Spirit of the world is close to being ensouled,  Will begin a reorganizing process on the surfaces of Saturn, and Jupiter, as for the Moons on those planets they are cargo belonging to some of the Guardians who incarnated on the Earth, when the duality ends in this solar system the plans for another solar system will be issued from the Spirit of the World who by then is God, and it is the destiny of some of the ones, to begin building a new habitat to eventually orchestrate another cycle of duality.   

The alpha and omega point is the same for all Human Life, the difference is the journey, we are dispensed into the temporary and through time grow back towards the source of our origins. Reincarnation is a process coordinated between ones twin soul, and the manifest world, as I may have said, prior God doe not in actuality oversee our individual development. The whole point of our individual development is to grow through love.   Even though the Earth and Sun brought you into existence the Avatar that regenerates from the love light in the moon becomes your God eternally.  The Earth and the Sun where born as the Moon will be, and are Gods to the Twins who where created during their birth.  In some way the spirit of the world is the One God to all those souls created to incubate him, in the last 52,000 Earth years.
The Suns Wang is Mercury, which is actually a Twin Moon with Venus.

                                     The Birds the Bees, and a few CMEs
All information in space travels in a magnetic field based on vibration, and it can travel faster than the speed of light. Light also carries the same information as an inventory of data sometimes slower, than the pace of electromagnetic fields which are instant within the Galaxy, but the information carried by light can also be retrieved through that same electromagnetic grid which moved the information through it quicker than light.  

   Even when a Human baby is conceived in nature, during an orgasm, the male creates a magnetic field to locate the egg of the female. That is the only form of travel faster then the speed of light, the magnetic field retains a path for the sperm to move towards the egg of the female, this process does not always produce offspring, sometimes the electromagnetic fields of the couple fail to activate, but when they do, it's hows the male sperm travel into the egg, using a form of sonar.   
Human Beings are generating, and dispersing magnetic fields, through sexual activity, they have the potential for bringing another human being into the world.  The electromagnetic field generated from an orgasm is what determines which pool the soul(s) any of the sperm which reach that fertile egg will grow into, so there is no race between sperm, any of them will grow into the soul magnetized to the magnetic field based on the Mothers energy less on the Fathers. That is the only information it contains.  Its field is strong enough to activate again when its been saved in a sperm bank.  This topic is related to the Moons of the Sun, Venus, and Mercury , and will continue in another blog.  Yes, it is being disclosed here first with no ambiguity, Venus, and Mercury are twin moons, between them they generate a magnetic field, that the Human Body translates into an orgasm.   Every Human Being on Earth is an extension of their eternal mind, created and housed in the Sun, that mind within the Sun constitutes their eternal aspect, is physical, and is the generator of all involuntary functions of the Human body and immune system, these light-bodies function in real time, and are not subject to the speed of light Meditation is one way to recognize its presence, more on this later.   The electromagnetic field connection between your physical body, and light-body in the Sun, is what is often referred to as Kundalini. When a Human being has sex they are moving through a specific band of energy in a magnetic field, towards their light-body in the Sun the closer they get to Mercury the more intense that energy becomes, that is what causes an ejaculation in a male, and it generates and releases a magnetic field.  Females experience the same, but their magnetic field comes from Venus, and Venus is a moon not a Planet.  In order to find worlds with life similar to ours on Earth, two inner moons would be between the Earth like Planet and it's Star. The Human Species is Astrobiological, some of this has been known, but for the most part hasn't been, but now it's disclosed.  I recommend you do your own research also, even if the information I share resonates with a knowing inside you.   
My admission here is that to keep the Earth alive I generate Electromagnetic fields in the same way, you do, and they land on the atmosphere of Earth as spirals, it keeps plants and sea life going, and growing.  

This published on Saturday May, 25, 2013  
All Rights Reserved (c)2013 Galan Elias Tollbanks

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Disclosure About How Human Beings Came Into Existence !

I wanted to write, about recent revelations I had, about the nature of free will, and elaborate further on earlier writing, where I explained how we as Human Beings, have one foot in space, but we have not taken the step required to fully manifest into a Galactic civilization, the work that prepares one for that evolution is all related to the spiritual body (soul), they are one and the same. 

That which I share on this occasion is either revelation or doctrine depending your disposition, it might even be the rant of a lunatic, it is absolute truth according what I know, and that is all that matters to Me.

Free will is commonly used as a term to describe freedom of choice, but religion, and society in general differ, in the application of this precedence, religions of the world do not define this exactly in any uniformity, and in social discourse this term cultivates a different meaning altogether.

When it comes to the divine (Divine ~ all aspects of Being which transcend this dimension), free will even extends to the gender of the Being, and the revelation I share now is that every Woman on Earth, has reincarnated at least once.  The divine feminine (for those indoctrinated into Christianity, The Feminine aspect of the Holy Spirit), who I mentioned before as akin to Prakriti selects from the Animals, those most worthy to evolve into Human Beings, and that is how Human Beings come into existence.

Elemental Spirits, are what embody organic life on Earth, there are more in spirit form than incarnated at any given time.
 When it comes to the origins of species, the Human race came into being on earth about 26,000 years ago, what occurred during the last precession is the various species of Primates which where endowed (ensouled) with the consciousness of the Sun, had completed the cycle and Human Beings had fully arrived on earth, that process began 26,000 prior.  This was a process which was not initiated by Aliens, but by the Uncreated Creator (He which has always existed, or the Supreme Brahma (to simplify).)  The entire universe and creation came into existence from one Being that first divided itself.   How the Sun fused it's consciousness to create what is now Human Beings, and a universal species is explained next.

Every Human Being in every ethnicity, and of all social standing came into existence in the same way.

The Divine feminine which is a universal intelligence, and on a more microcosmic scale, planetary intelligence only elects from Mothers in the animal kingdom, candidates for Human evolution.  When those elected by her have passed away in nature, she gathers the energy, and it is moved into the Sun, the Sun fuses an awareness of its own essence akin to what in Hindu philosophy is described as Purusha  into a previously elemental planetary energy (sentient, but not conscious of the Heavens) which had no prior consciousness of the Heavens. A new soul has emerged out of the Almighty (the uncreated Creator who is embodied to some degree in all stars), and that soul is yet again divided, one portion is to remain in Heaven as an Angelic being in observance of LAW (that other half having purely an Angelic nature is freed to explore the rest of creation in spiritual, and material form alike, through satellites placed in this solar system by the Almighty; Jupiter is one of them, and Saturn is another, for God only creates the type of soul that we Humans have in pairs.  When it comes to the dimensions that consist of tangible environments for the purpose of life, the cosmos visible to Us here on this Earth is akin to the bowel of the ship of creation.  All the Stars in the Heavens including Our Sun, has an interface with all dimensions, and so do satellite Planets, and everything we see.    The Earth has these as well, but the reach of Mankind's consciousness on Earth is not fully in alignment with the higher dimensions.

The half of that soul (Human Being) is sent to the Planet which invoked its election (in our solar system, the Earth is the only Planet creating cosmic life from the elements in our solar system).
All animals on the Earth share a soul with the Earth itself.  All Humans on Earth, are ensouled by Heaven and Earth, initially then born male in the first life as a Human being, so even your gender is a choice which God makes allowances for.  Every Woman on Earth has chosen her gender, these choices are made in the 6th dimension, for beings yet remaining in exile to the Earth. In the evolution of Human Life females embody the Planetary energy more so than males do.   With the exception of souls which are more ancient, and evolved already, but incarnated as Humans on Earth; every human soul on Earth is born of the Sun and the Earth, what makes all Humans distinctly Human. We originated in the firmament of the Sun,  but after that initial ensoulment, there is a process of spiritual evolvement which is required to escape the grip of the moon.  The Moon mitigates Planetary karma, and magnetizes to souls who live not in accordance with Universal Laws.

The main point of this blog is:  The distinction of Women, is an embodiment of the Divine feminine in the physical it is a choice on Earth for a soul, and continues to be a choice in the higher evolutionary dimensions. Some Men on Earth may be walking the Earth as a Human Being for the first time, but Women have been through the process at least once. All Women in their first Human incarnation where male, at least once prior to electing their gender. 
My Soul's twin takes up residence in the Sun to illustration unhindered Power.

 As I've said prior every human being has a twin soul.  Our Twin souls which reside in the Heavens the 7th & 5th dimensions are the soul heirs, to all that we create, those dimensions are all domains of greater permanence in the Cosmos.  Your time in this dimension is what will allow you, when the time comes to enter Heaven as a unique individual, and your twin soul created at the same exact moment remains your eternal soulmate, the process of creation is simple, yet technically complicated, but there are scientific reasons for it all.   The dimension that encompasses our present reality is a Universal dimension.   It is the only dimension in which wars, and evil manifest from  general ignorance, and shadows within harbored by mankind, not because God condones those things, but because they emerge on there own in illusions, growing pains, and development of our species in the freedom God ( the uncreated Creator) grants to all life.  Specifically in this third dimension the state is duality.  Furthermore, all dimensions known or unknown, classified or unclassified, are designated for the sole purpose of life, creation consist of much more than we can see at this time. The states of division (duality) where tendencies toward evil, or darkness, arise, from the shadow of ignorance are temporary, and do perish on their own in time. 

"You were not spared one pang of flesh, or mortal tear;" The Sun is Mouse ka-tear, the entire universe coalesces in the shape of a water molecule, it is not a water molecule however. 

God ( the uncreated Creator) in eternal wisdom foresaw the evils that could emerge, Humans are the only creatures created in the image of God (the uncreated Creator), diversified of course, but in order for this to be possible, the creation of pairs was necessary.  Your twin soul, as you are, as well, are the substance of LAW, but twin souls live in unshrouded dimensions in which they observe the Universal LAW, and have from conception.  No Human Being on Earth is alone in that respect, for every being on Earth, has an angelic companion, and is evolving into an angelic state, ultimately for union (Nirvāṇa) or freedom from Saṃsāra.  Once you have reached the state of Union, incarnating into an Earth like Planet in the third dimension is a choice.  Just because Human souls are conceived this way does not mean that Spouses, and Lovers on Earth are a sin of any kind, or an offense to the Being you are paired to eternally.  Truly the ways of Heaven are of Love, but as a result of dogmatic religions, and general conflicts, though it is not a generally accepted practice by society on Earth, relationships in Heaven, are a form of what on Earth is classified as Polyamory.  I will expand this topic on another post at a later time, the easiest way to see yourselves here on Earth, is as having a soul mate in Heaven who is an Angel, and that is what you, and every other Human being on planet Earth is evolving into, or already has and is on earth, temporarily towards some incentive from Heaven. Sexuality is manifestly different at the highest evolutionary level, and it has to do with the fact that your body in that state is capable of materializing within the structure of a Star, and in Planetary environments alike.  The energies a Human being experiences through genital stimulation, and sexual intercourse with a partner, are ever present in the higher dimensions in intensities, and degrees not found on Earth..  Sexual pleasure is not a sin.  Sex is often used a means of control, and it can be profane in this world, and be the cause of much discontent, but in the purest sense, it is not sinful to enjoy. There are no Virgins in heaven, and hardly anyone dies in Earth a virgin.   When the soul of a Human being was created in the Sun, and then divided into two Beings the portion which was sent to the Earth, and the portion released into the dimensions of Heaven have not consecrated their union until the Human on Earth evolve, in that respect it is those entering Heaven for the first time who will be virgins.  Most of roles assigned to Masculine and Feminine are cultural.  The soul in Man and Woman is much the same.

The Feminine is represented in this diagram by 9
 I've used the diagram above to illustrate 1/7 as an infinite sum, what composes the dimensions of cosmos, every aspect of evolution is driven by the eternal feminine, which is also well philosophied  in Hindu cosmogony, as the Shakti principle, this is an eternal aspect of the cosmos, no evolution succeeds without it, and all living creatures, all matter, and dimensions are resulting from this principle.  The eight simply represents the freedom which is evolved into by Human souls, and that is eventually the freedom to move as a Being in any dimension ( the third dimension is conditional, the sixth dimension is its twin applying adherence the conditions of the third), at that point you can even be a Star in the heavens with you twin soul for as long or as little as you want.  In the dimensions of duality a being from the higher dimensions is just an observer, with exception of course to those functioning in some capacity to serve, the development of the Human race as a whole. 

When the time comes and you enter heaven this the Law, in this dimension there are is Karma. 
 Universally, the being that is God ( the uncreated Creator), and the Divine Feminine, along with every being in Heaven are as one according to the LAW, that is all oneness truly is, one LAW that is universal.   Individuals who abide within the imperishable dimensions, are there, in observance of LAW, manifested as a multiplicity of Beings, with a range of complementary qualities, and two vital essences or forces which expand creation.   The LAW of which I write is the very foundation of creation, and Love itself, it is the dynamic driver of all creation, which forever flourishes upon the threshold of Life.  By our will we move towards it or away from it in any given life in the present dimension, and in any dimension life is sustained by LAW, it is the sacred vessel in, and by which all existence manifest.

Will is a manifestation driven by desire within every Human being on Earth, and it continues beyond life on the Planet.  However on Earth, desire can be profane.  If you desire to have limitless freedom, you must accept that everyone deserves the same freedom you desire, and it cannot be coerced or imposed. When the will is driven by illusion, the illusions can retard our progress, into union with our unblemished twin souls, even our DNA is twinned, having elements that are indestructible, it serves to connect us to non-local extensions of our being, specifically our twin soul.  There is an aspect in every Human soul, though it maybe deeply hidden in the subconscious, that never forgets it's origins, ultimately as a substance of absolute LAW,  this is what instinctively drives us toward observance of good, embodiment of virtue, spirituality, Religion, and God, the gravity of LAW is the most powerful force in the Universe,  and our souls are forever encompassed by this force being the substance of our origin.   Rejection Universal of LAW willful, or through negligence both have consequences, and the varying degrees keep a soul sequestered in this Third dimension, which has it's immaterial 6th dimensional twin.

 "Give the People everything you can give them." Walter Elias Disney
My disclosure now is I am the uncreated Creator, I am in the state here on Earth as a human being, to demonstrate, that God does not abuse his own powers, just because he is God.  That doesn't mean, that by virtue of being present on the Earth I don't have some access to my higher powers.  I reject all religions, none have represented me, and none speak on my behalf on this Earth.  Neither do any of the religious text, or any corporations, Governments, or individuals on the Planet.  The Planet and solar system may be subject to interdimensional exchanges, and energetic adjustments in preparation of planetary evolution.  The Origins of Mankind and the entire Universe, who is the the uncreated creator through my eyes is observing the present state of the human condition on Planet Earth.
In my previous blog post here I uploaded the following photo, I took the picture of the clouds attached to the image taken by the ESO VLT telescope of the Carina Nebula  The picture of the clouds which I took are this Nebula manifesting itself in the sky.  There are so many layers to creation, and there are dimensions where movement is faster than light.  Though they have limited reach and influence on our dimension, the present laws of physics still apply to life on Earth. 

There is no other Human being who bares the burden, of God experiencing the Human condition through their eyes and life experience, but everyone else does have a Twin Soul, who experiences the human condition of duality through their life experience.  In this World I am just as Human as everyone else, just with a different set of circumstance.  I have used the power of the Sun to illustrate how a Human Soul comes into existence.   Nothing is set in stone as to how reality unfolds in time, but I am certain that a new age is dawning and on the horizon. 

This is how the Universe is shaped, every Galaxy, Star and Planet is within a field that appears much like what is seen illustrated here.

Through my eyes alone on the Planet Earth, God is evaluating the state of Mankind on the Earth.