Friday, November 11, 2016

Horus-Scope Of Ages Supplemental Newsletter Issue #2 Landed Property

"A moody child and wildly wise
Pursued the game with joyful eyes,
Which chose, like meteors, their way,
And rived the dark with private ray:
They overleapt the horizon's edge,
Searched with Apollo's privilege;
Through man, and woman, and sea, and star,
Saw the dance of nature forward far;
Through worlds, and races, and terms, and times,
Saw musical order, and pairing rhymes."  Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Anyone who contemplates a final cause of Human Life on  Earth or anywhere for that matter; would certainly know it's not economic fortunes; if it were those with the biggest fortunes past and present would still be living on this here Earth.  Final causes aside I will not speculate past reason and reason points towards Happiness as a never ending cause though gloom for now is forecast on its merits.

A cautionary side note; some information was disclosed to me about an incident that happened to me
which was not of the kind of news that I wanted to know, but needed to know. It also highlights the fact Earth via a cosmic certainly is moving in a certain direction, and the way I see it is; it must be understood it's unstoppable, it's probably better to take a licking and keep on ticking as far as pride is concerned, than to be crushed by the waves of mutation which are parcel to cosmic certainty.

This essay is more about contemplating economic reform policies, and I see the instituting of a Global Economic basic income as the only route by which objective happiness might be instrumented  on a scale towards Universals.  I can't possibly consider my thoughts on basic income to be forms of "Marxism" it is not redistribution of wealth in that sense, and anyone that seeks changes through Robinhood policies of reform is not a realist, but more so an agitator, and agitators in economic reform race back in history to the protestations of Christ in the Temples. And sure that could be a fable, but this is no fable; facts are the primary foundation by which I reason,  The Basic income of which I'm attempting to communicate is more in line with "Common Sense" it is the creation of capital at the rate of life.  A debt free currency paid to all that is tiered, it would be a program that would not restrict the dreams of those that do seek wealth in a similar fashion to now; they would still be subject to the market place of products, services and sometimes ideas. Government is still required as a regulatory power for markets, and as the determining power of what constitutes a reasonable basic income, not to mention Government must serve as the distributor and servicer of such a program.
Applying any intellect to the desire for economic reform; is not easy for the fact the entire structure of society now is founded on economics, politics of the day; especially in America are evidence of that.  When it comes to Nature any claims that are made outside a foundation of economics are dismissed at heretical or criminalized. The present struggle by the Sioux with the Federal Government over the Dakota oil pipeline is exactly that kind of clash perhaps not between civilization but between different ways of life, The Story has been covered by Democracy Now.
In that situation the people that are trying to install the pipeline are outsiders; they don't live on those Native American lands; they are there for economic reasons. And as far as environmental impact goes; those with the economic purse aren't going to be around to experience degradation to Nature in the surrounding area.

Anyway that there is just one example of how economics is the foundation of the modern world, and to that reality exist two polarities the majority of people can speak both positively and negatively about their experience with money. I want to limit this essay to the conditions that Nature would underwrite an economic system, and I'll keep it to a certain number of points.

1. Nature is not Robin hood, Nature is not interested in taking from one group and distributing it to another group whether it be personal property or monetary wealth.
For a Universal basic income to work old currencies would have to be traded in for the new currencies more effectively a single currency or multiple currencies have a universal value, and these are issues best left to economist and governments to determine. Some of the complications that arise for instance say you have a Million dollars that you avoided paying taxes on; whether the government will exchange that at a 100% of its value in the new currency or pay you 70 cents or whatever on the dollar, that's up to the government.  The other scenario is fortunes made on the black market there is an even more complicated issue, but whether the Government grants those individuals any kind of grace; which I do feel they should, under certain circumstances. And whatever the exchange value between their present fortune and whatever it translates to in a new system; it must be an agreeable exchange rate, Nature is not the Government,

2. Nature is the organism which organizes and sustains life across the Universe, but life has to have its freedoms, and Human life on Earth has universal potentials. As a representative of Nature I am not here to govern, but rather to prescribe policies and share facts in accordance with how to expand the Freedoms to the Human degree of Life on Earth into that of Universals.  Transitioning Human Life of a Planetary degree to a Universal branch of the same species does mean biological changes to the species, and Earth is capable of hosting those changes; however those biological changes will be shared in another blog.

I am now convinced that the simplest solution to poverty is to abolish it directly by a new widely discussed measure; the guaranteed income." Martin Luther King Jr.

3. The purpose of a Basic Income or Guaranteed Income is not to divide classes but to reconcile the classes under the same tent or foundation which has served Humanity, both as a medium of exchange but also as a psychological tenet of personal and social security, those aspects cannot be striped away from any classes (here being frank they really exist for any class til they exist for every class), draconian measures are to be avoided in a transition into such a system; because what we are doing is adapting ourselves as a species for an eminent cycle of evolution that expands and not diminishes the horizon of Humanity on this Planet.  Amnesty which is a pardon or forgiveness on the part of formal government, should be administered both to the white collar & petty criminal, and we have to let things go like whatever racket so and so made during the last so called real-estate bubble, or the petty drug offences which are for the most part psychological escapes or acts of self abuses; those are better dealt with by education.  The guaranteed income is also a way to heal historic wounds which have festered across the different values of society or civilization as a whole.

4. The solution to the arguments that a Universal Basic Income would create a lazy populace or that they are getting something for nothing is invalid; for life itself which comes from Nature and not economics is not nothing it's life.  Capital produced and paid at the rate of life is a system which should encourage community, and it should be tiered so at the base of the social benefit it still encourages community, it's easy to to convert and even expand the prisons and jails into boarding houses, ad this can extend to commercial real estate, there's a glut of commercial real estate across the country that might be convertible to boarding houses.  A basic/guaranteed income is going to make way for a civilization with far less crime, because the majority of the problems of civilization arose from economics the solutions are economic,

 There are fundamental differences between Genders and psychological plights for Women & Men,
these are exploited rather than solved by having a foundation of economics.  There is no economic tent only a foundation; no claims can be made to any part of heaven by the economic foundation as it exist currently on Earth.  Nature has not underwritten the current economic platform by which the world is governed. Nature under the current economic models of the World in any Nation cannot secure the future of any Human Being on the Planet. If Universals step in all the way, I don't know what will happen to the economic systems.  Life in Universal civilization does not require it, Nature did not put a cost to living on living and that's where the fundamental problem is.  This topic is to be continued in my next newsletter.


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