Saturday, October 8, 2016

What it Be, Be What It May, Great Deep & Dark A Shadow Play!

What I know is only a point to what I don't know, I therefore can only be a witness.  There are times when I sit outside on my back porch at Night, and I see a dark firmament unfold, and move about the skies above me, I fear it not yet see it clearly, and it can stretch across, through, and over entire constellations, and sometimes tiny stars in clusters and strings appear within its structure which is always a shadow upon the Night.  Because I fear it not it does hang about the skies above Me on occasions, but it isn't always there.  My most qualified guess is that it is a fluid magnetic life form, a living and conscious Being that is aware of Me and I of it. On the nights that I see it, it is a welcomed sight for Me, and though it takes on different characteristics it can swim away like a giant octopus,  I have only one occasion seen it swim away, and seen tentacle like limbs cast a moving shadow on the Night as it moved eastward.  Its presence at night is relatively new to Me, And yet the closest thing in philosophy as to what it is, is best described in Ralph Waldo Emerson's essay on The Over-Soul

I believe it's that entity that creates the coronal holes in the Sun, and it has also shaped some of the clouds I've seen,  The Digital Talisman I create and what Nature contributes is from that over soul. I want to call it the firmament of Nature. It's what I've been seeing at Night that has also shaped the clouds I've take pictures of.  Whether it's an illusion, what I've seen of the Over-Soul is it dissolves the distances of Space & Time, and if it's a Black Hole it's a conscious one.  The aberration which moves about the skies at night is recent phenomenon of which I maybe perhaps the only witness too, it may be another part of Me of which only I can see; for it could be a mirror of my own mind descending to Me from without.  Yet it exist & I exist, so happy Me to see and be seen by something that defies all known laws.

The tendency of culture is to emphasize light, and chide the darkness, and perhaps in the domain of civil humanity such values are seen as ideal; sometimes with a blinding bias as was the case with Me. So I often looked upon the night at the points of light ignoring the all encompassing darkness, only recently do I see Nature as a neutral spirit that does not maintain to my personal biases. Shedding my biases, and fears allows me to see an ever changing silhouette of forms blanking the night with a presence as alive as the stars which though faint to the eyes gather as clusters and strings of pearls throughout the firmament from which they suspend.  Even tonight in a sky with a faint mist of atmospheric moisture I can see the firmament deepening ever so slightly.

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