Monday, October 31, 2016

Horus-Scope Of Ages Supplemental Newsletter Issue #1

"Goethe said well, "nobody should be rich but those who understand it." Some men are born to own & can animate all their possessions."—Emerson

This next blog is to disclose the fact that Humanity has roots across the Universe, I also want to write about the phenomenon of Coronal Holes in the Sun.  The phenomenon of coronal holes is caused by magnets which move across space. The analogy I can use for some of the objects which are visible in the Star is that of a phoenix which rises from it's ashes, Some emerge from Nebulas, others from Novas & Super Novas.  I've shared the example of the Carina Nebula, some of Us are part of that structure, and the magnet is organized with our consciousnesses, some of that was graphed to the Earth via the Sun, the picture of the cloud is based on the ear of the character from the Nebula.  It's not the only interstellar magnetic structure moving through this solar system and Earth.

   Whenever changes to a Planet are scheduled on a cosmic level the first changes are arranged on the magnetic structure of the Planet itself.  Changes to that degree are grounded to the core of the Planet, but the grafts to the Planet's magnet initiate in the Sun from the Over-Soul.  Here I care not to challenge the scientific status quo, for if in fact the information I share is true science is the one institution in which facts are what every discipline of the scientific method seeks to establish, Regarding what I've stated about Earth the evidence would be overwhelming altering the landscape of Earth to a pre-established ideal.  The pre-established ideal is part of plan I need not recall fully now; however it includes changes to biology, geography, ocean and atmosphere of the Planet.  On the technology front, we reserve certain technologies that require
the complete bridging of Cosmos to Earth.  Technologies which include the shipment of goods
at the atomic level, like being able to email physical objects. That technology employs the kind of
magnetic field that fully incorporates a Planet to the rest of creation.  Nature being its foundation
would mean the adjustment of the current world order; which has for the most part placed an economic foundation on Nature; And subordinated the Will of the creator in doing so.
It was allowed only because it's fated. Near the end of time in neverland as we call it;
where mortal swagger is the candy and economic slavery the means; it is but a dream within a dream.
I will address some economic solutions, but they can't alter the Deity's plan so as heart sing in Barracuda, if the real thing don't do the trick you're gonna burn burn burn burn it down to the wick.

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