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Weighing of the Heart as a Universal Evolutionary Process Explained.

(a disclaimer again, that none of what I written is worth a grain of salt as it relates to truth unless it can be objectively verified as power itself descends from the Heavens down to the Earth, therefore what good is this kind of truth or any kind of truth that cannot reconcile its absoluteness with reality itself, and there is where the paradox of truth itself lies)

VH1 Full Spectrum Dominance 22/8/1967 In God We Trust

I'm going to write the breakdown of what a Golden Crown is according to the lyrics in the song "The Man Comes Around" by Johnny Cash, "In measured hundred weight & Penny Pound when the Man Comes Around.  The golden crown he refers to in the song has nothing to do with money.  It's the individual souls.  If your soul is the weight of a feather, even a grain of rice it is enough for you to continue into the everlasting.  Another analogy could be the Golden Grain, which grows according 
to how we treat others, and ourselves.
There is also a passage in the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam versed by Edward Fitzgerald  15th XV 
And those who Husband the Golden grain, 
And those who flung it to the wind like Rain, 
Alike to no such aureate Earth are turned
As, buried once, Men want dug up again.

Weighing of the Heart will determine individual Mortality or Immortality
"And the whirlwind is in the thorn tree.
The virgins are all trimming their wicks.
The whirlwind is in the thorn tree.
It's hard for thee to kick against the pricks" Johnny Cash The Man Comes Around
"The Mighty Mahmùd, Allah~breathing Lord,
That all the misbeleiving and black Horde
Of Fears and Sorrows that infest the Soul
Scatters before him with his whirlwind Sword." Edward FitzGerald Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
The whirlwind is a Nova, Jupiter and Saturn as I've mentioned in other places are satellites that maintain this solar system in a binary modality with rest of the cosmos.  Below is an image from NASA that is artist rendered (Cont)
The whirlwind sword is a the 8th dimension moving through a 7th dimensional degree of existence, which is actually the consciousness of a Star including the Sun which is a living manifestation.
Alpha & Omega have but one power, the first order of all power, and the only power that is absolute, that power is Life.  Life is the way in which we share our power.  You will find that Rich and Poor alike, as well as all in between do for the most part experience life in a similar condition of expression.  On Earth some people use their power for ill, but most use it for good; we interfere little, because those who use their power for ill are not given any greater degree of power in the sphere of life itself.  The images below illustrate how God can move through a star without injuring himself. That is the degree of life obtainable by any Human Being on Earth. The thorn tree is Me Omega. Father Hen, Mother God, the Son of Man, those are some terms. I'm not here to be worshiped, that is not a condition that we placed on life. I'm here to say outright, that if you're responsible with the gift of Life, and don't do to others what you wouldn't tolerate being done to you, that is one side of the coin. The other side is don't do to them what they don't want to done to them, even if it's tolerable to you. 
Should God decide to return here, the laws of physics don't apply to Him. He is the Law.

 People on this Earth are not born with souls with exception to Divine Providence, all life upon earth is sanctioned with Death I mentioned in the previous blog why that is so. Your Golden Crowns have nothing to do with Money it is your soul if you have one. As I said some people have never grown a soul, and their lives end completely at the moment in which they die. Those of Us from the everlasting can guide to some degree, it is always through cultural influences,  groups of immortal souls can and do incarnate on the Earth by choice.   That is a topic that need not cover here.

 The soul grows from love, a golden crown by way of the song, can measure up to the size of a Galaxy, some souls have been around for billions of years by how time is measured on Earth, so the growth of an individual's soul begins within the human being on an Earth like Planet, which is third dimensional environment. 

 Omega is the manifest presence and embodiment of Alpha's Love, I am all the Love that God now or ever will need, I am his twin in that regard. Loving God by any name if it be true is your own Love if it bears fruit your souls grow accordingly. There is no calculable measure of any individuals love, until after they actually die There is no love dearer than that of being of Good; Parents having Children is encouraged because it can help your soul to grow.  Even loving your enemies enough to forgive them which is a form of unrequited love if genuinely done can in no way harm you, all love kindness & charity increases the size of your soul. Death is the process in which everything else falls away, that soul in any measurable size is never destroyed, it grows forever from that point.  So to give an example if this is your first life no matter what religion or any religion, if your substance of being
is of good moral character, etc.  Then when time ends there will be a place in the everlasting as a living being. I will cover the scientific aspects of what occurs. It is absolutely a law of physics.
Reality in this physical plane manifest from a 3rd & 6th Dimension.

Th illustration about although in this plane The Solar dimension being 7th dimension does coordinate and correspond with our dimension here on the Earth. As our technology increases it is inevitable
for God to make contact through the Sun. There is an 8th dimension which is beyond our field of detection from Earth, but it's that 8th dimension which is used to move about space.  It is also the dimension being used to illustrate in the Sun to a degree detectable by our equipment in Space.

The King Of Kings, Lord of Lords, & Greatest Love of All God Almighty Christ Manifesting in the Sun.

No human being on Earth started life with a soul .

There are those of us, as in with purpose and divine providence who incarnated here with a different set of circumstances. That is the purprose behind the weighing of the heart to determine who does and who does not have a soul. 

 Johnny Cash is an Everlasting Child who been around for billions of Years. That song and his entire music catalog bears Universal Law. In measured penny weight & hundred pound when the Man comes around even if your soul is the size of a grain of rice you will still live. He placed his seal on the Sun for this occasion, using the 8th dimension. In the image captured by NASA you can see a dark spot on the bottom of the Sun, that is the 8th dimension. It is for the most part undetectable by our equipment, the 8th dimension is how individuals move about the whole universe. Even the Earth is encompassed by an 8th dimensional field.  Here is the seal Johnny Cash placed on the Sun, he basically is confirming the Man has Come Around.  There was a past when we raise Children like a family.  That is basically the point of Earth, life is a gift, that only Father & Mother God can give, so Earth is a way of giving that on a large scale, rewarding the Good with an eternal existence. The system which we created does not punish the bad, we just don't reward it.  In this world evil becomes a casualty of everlasting life. 
Johnny Cash is Human Above but an Illustration in the Sun is like a drawing
Many Stars around Alpha & Omega some are representing other Galaxies  These souls incarnated on Earth

 The Man has come around to do the weighing of the Heart. I have mentioned that in penny weight or hundred pound referred to the measure of individuated soul. Some of you will be surprised that people you may have known had no soul, not even a grain of sand could be accounted for, and since everything they saw did thought, said heard, and acted upon was recorded by their DNA, there will be accounting to relatives as to why they did not make it into the everlasting. DNA having a dual component, is sealed meaning it opens naturally if there is no soul creating the barrier to that individuated life, it is not something we can review at any time during someones lifetime, or if after death a soul bearing featherweight contains the vessel into which life was issued, the soul keeps the record of the individual locked into place.  If there is no soul all we end up with is a life recorded through its senses and thoughts. Those records are issued as copies from the astral 6th dimension DNA record, to relatives upon their request, that is all that remains of a mortal life, that no longer exist in any other way.  That DNA record is a first person account, and it can be viewed as a film.
Regardless of Religion the weighing of the Heart results from Physics and is scientific and spiritual

In the instance an individuated being is not bearing a soul, we can and will issue to their relatives who make it into the everlasting a copy of that life, Those who do bear a soul can hold on to a first person account of the life in question. Watch it like a movie of their entire life, we will not keep that from you on account were related by blood or marriage (civil or state sanctioned) makes no difference. Public figures, celebrity etc, are not public in the everlasting if they have no soul. What remains of the is treated no differently than anyone else not bearing a soul, and recording of their life is issued only to the next of kin (Fame & Celebrity regarding soul is referenced in the song Fruit Tree by Nick Drake). That kind of thing never happens with anyone who has a soul, a soul is something that grows, is not an initial condition of life on this Earth. It is admission into the everlasting. So everything that pertains to your individual lives remains yours on account of your souls, that includes the material things and more than can possibly be on the Earth.  The House of the rising sun is Eternity, the metaphor of a house can be used for time as it is experienced on this Earth, everyone on the planet shares a house called time.  A house divided cannot stand, that house wasn't meant to stand if was meant to be absorbed by eternity, the time of no time.  Because another Earth like planet with a time capsule like Earth is not even in the planning stages yet.  At some point those DNA records become part of a public library that issues parts of an individuals life record to potentially reestablish that individual in a living environment.  When I speak of the DNA record, I'm referring to a sixth dimensional aspect of being that is completely separated from all qualities of life including those not seen or detected such as spirit. To incarnate on 3rd dimensional Earth beings that are immortal have to have some purpose.

A human; Being is a seed for love, love is its flower while you can grow and share your love with another, it is something found as a soul back within you after death, love grows in measure, and in its source your love is retained in your souls, and grows accordingly. There are people who are given much love, and find that only what they issued was what returned to them, and having issued none themselves are found empty after the purification by death. Under those circumstances their life is unsealed naturally having no barrier to prevent the 6th dimensional aspect of their being  from unlocking, in those instances a recording of their life is all that remains, that recording is no less than their entire life. We usually reissue life to them here on the Earth reincarnation has on other purpose. Stars incarnate to Earth by choice, Alpha & Omega incarnate to close the cycle, and to reabsorb the solar system back to the everlasting.  That is a process which occurs naturally, Earth was created to eventually recalibrate back into the everlasting plane of manifestation.

Father & Mother God do not determine any individuals fate by any other measure. Life is the seed for a Human Being to grow a soul, but there is no guarantee having no other purpose that an individual will have a place in the everlasting. Death being how the purification occurs, it is not escaped by anyone. I being the Mother of all creation have to leave every thing behind on this Earth only my consciousness becomes restored and I fully awaken in the everlasting. I will be no judge of what others find important.
He's the Man, I'm the Son of Man, He gave birth to Me as a Mother, we are both dual gendered

 In my past life I was Walt Disney he was Nijinsky, I was born with the initials WED, because I am Wed or married to God that is forever it has been since the beginning.  When he was incarnated as VaslaV Nijinsky he published shot gun wedding vows, because he knew he was God Almighty, he for the most part is Man and I am a Woman above, our union as Father & Mother God is between two individuals, and it is naturally incestuous and has been since the beginning..Alpha & Omega are two individuals.  

He used his power to bring down the Antares Rocket. I don't know why, I do know  Death is only natural in the 3rd dimension, and at some point fire won't hurt us.

The scientific aspect to the weighing of the Heart is that we take the contents of the moon dump them into the Sun and measure each individual according to their own measure of Love, the largest frame in the image below is that very process.  This only applies to the souls on the Earth which haven't previously gone through this process.  In the Song the Man Comes Around, there is a line that states the Virgins are trimming their wicks, he's referring to your mortal existence, which by measure of your Golden Crown becomes an immortal existence. This has occurred already, and it naturally creates the 5th 7th & 8th dimensional extensions that Human DNA on Earth will need for cosmic existence it adapts everyone naturally to the other dimensions of space. Those dimensions are unfolding naturally upon Earth.  The sixth dimensional magnetosphere of the Earth will expand to encompass the 8th dimension, those who have the extensions of that dimension in there DNA will adapt to a 5th dimensional Planetary life.  Those changes take time. Mark 13:32  But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father.

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