Sunday, February 28, 2016

Tying DA Loose Ends of History Over; Through—Up Down & Every which way!

 (Once Again a disclaimer That absolute truth can only be verified through the agent of power itself, so all this conjecture is of no use until the power reigns down from above.)
Another fact about me is I was Walt Disney in my previous incarnation, but admitting that is only in regard to my Truth. Just because I was Walt Disney in my previous incarnation, and established the Walt Disney Studios, that is a past life that I am claiming no stake in now in this incarnation I'm Omega the Son of Man, and though I was God then too, there is no claim, interest, or desire to have any stake in the corporation it is now on Earth bearing my name from a former incarnation. The fact that; that's who I was had been brought to my attention for the purpose of dissolving all ties to that corporation on Earth, I have to do that, and I am doing it formally here. I don't speak for that corporation it does not speak for or represent me either, through any living contract or obligation from previously being its originator, and founder. I have no stake in that corporation nor do I seek it. I am bound and obligated to dissolve all ties to that corporation, although as a brand I may at times buy its products or enjoy its services, and have in the past as a consumer; it has always been as a paying customer in this life. It cannot censor me neither have any formal or informal controlling interest over my present life or Divine Providence, which it has no claim to. The Walt Disney Company, its brands and partnerships are entities I make no claim for or against, accept in acknowledging that in a previous incarnation I the Son of Man who is always; was Walt Disney. I have no claim or stake in the company, and I presumed in this declaration it has no claim against me either. I have to make an absolutely clear statement because I'm the living embodiment of the same soul on Earth, although my body is different my soul is the same, and Divine Providence unchanged, and unchallenged.

Furthermore I am the Mother & Not the Father of Creation.
That was the only reason that truth was brought to my attention, and for the purpose of neatly severing all ties. It's a complete divorce, and it has been that way since Thursday December, 15 1966 And will remain that way.

 The reason being clear "Man An unchangeable Evil. Nothing good upon Earth, nothing evil in Heaven, Nothing in Heaven is servanted, nothing upon Earth free.". I can break this down simply by what is evident of the language, Man on Earth is fated in such a way, death itself as a condition of Human life on Earth is the unchangeable evil, sometimes that little fact alone spawns all kinds of evil in the world. The DNA itself has been modified for Earth with exclusion of the everlasting, and a condition of degradation in time of all life upon the Earth, that is an evil sanctioned by God, Death is a process which purifies evil.  It is the way in which I nurture future stars, so the entire solar system here is a womb.  In this womb,  stars have contributed to a universal petri dish with culture and life as it is Universally. On a micro-scale  here upon the Earth.  To some degree as far as consciousness is experienced individually and socially, it mirrors what it's like throughout the rest of the cosmos, but in a controlled environment. The purpose and intent is honorable because it is to expand the universe; to then graduate Human beings on Earth, and crown them as individual stars, so the rest of the proverb of Hermes should be understood clearer. "No Living Creature is evil in Heaven, No Living Creature in Heaven is servanted, no, living creature on Earth free."

  Because a supreme power has been seeking me out since 2010, The power is God, seeking God.  Nijinsky  who made numerous admissions to being a Man in God, if not outright stating He was God during his Life and publishing his private diary as a testament to that fact.  He's no longer a Man in God with limitations of Man he's God outright, and I'm his Twin.  He incarnated again a perfect inconsolable Christ in 1967 as Layne Thomas Staley, but he is the same soul in both of those incarnations, and because he's no longer in the an Earthly Human body, He's a lot more power than I could be in my present state, never the less that doesn't change my Divine Providence of Being Mother God.  I'm the one who has bootstrapped that condition of Death to all life on Earth, my motive is that evil be purified in the process, whatever is Good of the being is weighed if it measures up to a universal standard, that individual can transcend recurrence in this world, and immediately issued into an individual Star.

Saturn is Omega's Satellite, and God put a ring on that a long time ago, death being a sanctioned condition upon life on this Earth can only be lifted by Alpha & Omega, I believe at this point in the History of Mankind that it is no longer necessary to maintain life under such a sanction, and We are preparing to lift that sanction and condition from the equation of existence once and for all. Because that is a process that requires power 100 fold greater than is found in the solar system alone I have unlocked my station for the Father of Creation whose Satellite is Jupiter to proceed with the process of lifting the sanction that was instituted upon all Life on Earth.  I am God self-representing upon Earth, The Father is the only being in the Universe with an Entitlement to claim unconditional Love. Any individual, institution or government positioned against us in anyway, has no chance of continuing in life by any measure as the sanction of death is lifted, it is best to not resist the process, and partake of the outcome which is everlasting life. Enemies of God are that on their own account, not ours, We come in Peace.   As far as God's absolute entitlement to unconditional love, that is an unrealistic expectation for anyone to satisfy with the exception of Omega. Everyone else in the Universe is only expected to Govern themselves and Their conduct accord to Do unto others only that which you would have done unto you.

©2015 Omega Fee

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