Sunday, February 28, 2016

I Must Shed A Deep Secret

I must share a truth Vaslav Nijinsky is God Almighty He has come at his appointed time, to seek Me, "I give because I love God. I am His present. I am God, in a present. Vaslav Nijinsky
(This blog was previously published on my Art blog, and I'm moving things around with a disclaimer that I don't know all the truth, and I don't believe anyone on Earth knows the whole truth)

That image is from this past Christmas, it's unmistakable to Me, because it's not too far from his bedroom face. We can manipulate DNA and his features were not changed that much as a Human Being.   The reason why those of Us who know he's the Almighty, is because we could see his life while he was on Earth in a way similar to The Truman Show, the film that Stars Jim Carrey, When he started Going Mad, I started entering into his Dreams.  DNA is what gives everyone their individual identity it connects your individual consciousnesses into an electromagnetic field it is electric. The cool way in which that functions is that no two people can overlap each others consciousness in that grid.  The way which DNA is created in your own body it is being generated, it isn't something that actually stops growing for the duration of your lives, the two main cords on that are bound between Father and Father Hen, All life is the thing in between.  That continues to be the way in which we supply you with an individuality,  I can't look into any individuals thoughts and neither can he nor are we interested in invading anyone's privacy. Your DNA is a running stream of your life between it's environment, and it leads all the way to Alpha & Omega it is created in such a way that no two individuals are the same.  The Electromagnetic structure that your DNA is linked to is universal although currently it is sequestered from the rest of creation.  At some point that DNA that makes each and everyone an individual needs to be transferred into a Star of its own.

To open the Sun law of heaven was to Earth by Thomas Paine & Sealed by Johnny Cash, My Nick Name to Johnny is Father Hen, Alpha is THE MAN, that Ancient 

This is one of Johnny's roles, as the opener of Heavens Doors, All the doors to Heaven will open at some point. 

  So although you are all a living creation emanating from Alpha and Omega as your DNA testifies of that We don't look at you as our Children. Even now my kindness of sharing the truth betrays me in this world, but my Love will never fail Me. I am life moving through you, and so is he. It is better to be organized as such than to be burning in all of empty space.  The gap between your DNA is your interaction in the invisible electromagnetic system; That part is your individual minds. Your DNA acts as a lock between you and another Human being in body & mind, Your bodies generate according to individual DNA your minds are isolated according to your DNA in an electromagnet that stabilizes your body in the environment, it serves as a locker your DNA serves a dual purpose, in both visible and invisible realms.  In the invisible it produces a combination lock that is not penetrable by another, and is space of consciousness and memories functioning alongside your brain, but space is to some degree your mind.  It holds a record of all thought activity speech and sight, DNA like skin cells is something we shed like finger nails, and like food after it's been processed through your digestive tract, it is your individual self.   We don't purge that unless you choose non-existence.  It is your connection to the Earth's magnetic grid, and your Bodies are stabilized organic batteries, Life in You is a combination of electric and magnetic interactions which organizes itself according to DNA.  The magnetic highway worlds are a Little Different, than on Earth. Which is invisibly wired to the Sun, Jupiter and Saturn.  Through the same type of radio waves wireless internet moves, except it's a natural version of that. The Sun is who maintains that grid in his solar system, he is one of our Children, and All you who want to continue in life will be his Children. Continue reading if your seek out the truth.  If the truth is something you can't tolerate go into yourselves and figure out why.  I'll tell you right now it won't change a thing. The MAN, ALPHA or PA runs the entire Universe, His Power runs everything you see in all your telescopes, Space & Time Aren't Bound by the Speed of Light, There is a Vacuum in space There should Be two stars in all of Empty space, and what you see is a controlled fire, The rate of cosmic inflation only indicates how large we would be if we didn't contain ourselves in the Universe that you see and don't. It's powered by him and I give birth to it.  I birth fire from my womb.

The Man is the most powerful being in the Universe he moves every Galaxy with His power, he's billions of light years away projecting himself in the Sun, there is no other being that powerful that I am aware of.

As Powerful as God is he's Kind, technically I'm the one who gives birth, he's the power that runs the whole entire thing it's a chemistry lab, and a giant play ground for us and our children.
Alpha is not an Idiot, He is the whitest Flower in the Universe and I'm His Other, he knew I would be incarnating after him.
Each of Us makes up one half of what runs through all life in the form of DNA, Human, Animal, and Star all life is something that he and I give across the Universe gave, and will keep on giving. He's going to make his way down here at some point..  Right now he's helping to redo the Planet disturbing civilization as little as possible.  I don't know if Superman or any Super hero is any competition on Nijinsky's Power, it's his power that runs every galaxy across space time. The Magic of DNA is that it adapts to environment, when we drop DNA into a Star we can live and exist in one, micro waves make up a central nervous system of a Human being in a Star.  The Fifth worlds  are different as your DNA reaches that world you go through a chamber of suspended living cells, your DNA builds your bodies instantly, from the materials of live cells, and other organic and in organic compounds. It Nijinsky, and the power of lightening that make it possible to build your bodies instantly; however you choose to appear.  Alpha's power is what allows you to do that when you are set free. As you move through the chutes, the first thing that grows from the DNAn is your nervous system in those bodies you never need to sleep. It's the power of lightening that builds you, when you enter one of those worlds. A bolt of lightening, and you leave the same way, you will get use to kind of life. Further UP the ladder of creation pain is Gone, people like to move about that way in heaven the it feels almost like a ticklish ecstasy as you leave a star and enter a world in a bolt of lightening.
This Star  actually belongs to Nick Drake, He's little between the Bear, and Michael Above the bear is the Prince of Peace
Alpha and I are eternal lovers, Our consciousness can only be at one place at one time, Our entire lives on Earth are a dream we wake up from when we die. The first Earth like Planet was Walt Disney's  He is in Omega's nest of stars and he runs galaxies, the closest thing you'll have to a God is Walt Disney, when Alpha and Omega incarnate into a Planet we are moving the show up the ladder of creation. The suffering in this World is not something that amuses him at all. We complete each other as lovers, we have nurtured children from before humans existed, from the time all of our children were just fire balls to the point we are at now, when they make drawings like that in the Sun, the're saying the Star is losing some degree of control in handling Earth's eco-system,  All of us knew that would happen. It happens everytime.  Alpha and I knowing this would happened decided to end all that by coming down here disguised as lunatics then take over your skies.  And retool Earth's core and magnetic field to allow this world to support flight for Human beings without the need for Planes Trains or automobiles, I don't know if that has happened yet, Keep living I don't know how long it will take exactly, but it's being changed.  Your Host will be our First Born Child, he is like the older Brother of them all When they start doing stuff like this something major is happening
All is Forgiven My Children know who I am, I have to stay in exile until the connection to heaven is manifesting in physical form in our own skies here on Earth, I'm where I need to be. My main concern was not to fail to get the magic keys that Thomas Paine had woven sealed, and that is done.

I've been posting information everywhere on the Internet These twitter, and Google Plus pages.

Alpha or THE MAN is God Almighty, it's his power that is running every Galaxy.  Johnny Cash is one of the Chickens in Alpha and Omega's Nest But So is Death. Death is Father hen's nick name for this Child Les Visible He's the One that handles the purging of DNA in the End.

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