Monday, June 8, 2015


Never, by any degree or stretch of the imagination, can it be said, without implying falsity, that the State of Israel, represents God, what can be said about it, is that it has on its own accounting, and upon it's flag used a symbol, which means only one thing to Alpha and Omega, that being our reunion. 
The image below is from the Ballet Petruska which Nijinsky performed in, He being God, which probably resulted in envy and hate towards him.  He always went further in the productions that he was a part of during that incarnation, than he was given credit for, and his vision is on everything from the costumes to the set designs, Petruska being no different in that respect.  Even more ancient is the painting of Hindu origins about 700 years old bearing the symbol of our inevitable reunion, It cannot be said this is a Jewish symbol, or represents the same thing to the Jews, as it does to Alpha & Omega.

I'm a 6 that fits only into the 9 Alpha is the only V that fits this W 22+23= 45
The institution of Love is not defined to Us through anything other means than our natural inclination towards one another.

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