Sunday, December 16, 2012

Shadows In The Night Are Dispelled By Light!

There is Nothing to fear when it comes to the Universe!
 Note: Update, 11/21/2013,  I don't at this point subscribe to any beliefs in God, perhaps God is the only ultimate shadow, I am back peddling on believing anything, that does not correspond to knowing.   I know I can channel certain energy, but I don't know anyone else who can do it and demonstrate it at the same time, as I have in the photo above.   God is a subjective word, some people do objectify within them the belief, they are an entity not distinct from God, since this is common in most new-age spirituality, as well as Hindu myth, it is a belief akin to God playing all the parts, for me that is an absolutely ridiculous view of reality.  I am agnostic, and so God is just a word in the final analysis.  Whatever I wrote or shared below the line, is how I felt at the time that I wrote it. "God in Truth, exist in all living things simultaneously, and the permanent qualities of God are light, and Love." That was an error in my view at the time still trying to make sense of information, related to new-spirituality which in the west is mostly a westernized variation on Hindu and Buddhist philosophy.  Life itself perhaps is not God, but if there is a God (as in creator of the whole universe), it would be a causality of such a being.  I believe in self determinism, and self determinism creates a paradox, in the belief that God is the great actor playing all the parts.

Now, having brought up shadow(s) over on Bleak Mystique.  I will elaborate further here on the nature of Shadow.  Shadow is illusory.  Even the most well intended doctrine based deity is a shadow in the world, and this truth is visible from a meditation using truth as the barometer in inquiry. One needs only to witness all the various sects, and divisions in the many religions of the world to know, and witness that even God is a shadow in this world.  It maybe the first demon that some have taken on.  Now I'm not saying God isn't real, because God is a living force in my life, qualities I attribute to God, are not found in doctrines, God in Truth, exist in all living things simultaneously, and the permanent qualities of God are light, and Love. This blog is about shadow, and the mental construct one has of deity, maybe completely attributed to myth, and therefore any mental construct which you pray to and worship might be a shadow, and shadows are unrequired Karma.   There is not a single religion that can produce their deity, so they tend to be based in the vacuity of a myth, generally perpetuated through manipulation, mind control, and fear.  Authority based on a myth is not authority whatsoever. Honesty with oneself is one of the keys to breaking free from the chains of indoctrination.

    I enjoy reading the video authors Blog, Bernhard Guenther can be found at
A shadow is any number of things, but every shadow released though self enlightenment adds strength to the quality of being which reflects the character of your True self which will transcend your present incarnation. 
 The hollowing of a persons true essence generally begins when he or she empowers fear, and gives shelter to shadows based on fear, and there are any number of degrees that illusion from shadow plague society as a whole, for they remain as skeletons in the closet of the subconscious.  Those who share their life with shadows often become pray to an entire host of other Human beings that manipulate through deception and projection, something one must often remain conscious about.  We live in a world were people break down the planet, and other Human Beings for profit, pleasure, and temporary gain, and extremes of those behaviors are all rooted in shadows.  Once you begin to abandon shadows, it's easy to see that Humanity is all interconnected, and that we are living in a magical universe.  Once the shadows are left behind, there is room for light.  And light is everywhere in the cosmos. 
Argo Navis
 I've learned to remain open to seeing the world as it is, the eyes of truth forbid otherwiseWhen it comes to the uncreated which is God, we are only toys, we are play things, and the point in life is to play fair if you want to keep on playing, because playing only gets more exciting the higher we evolve.  I don't claim to know for sure, that play is the nature of the divine, but what do you live for?

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